General V-Diet Questions


I’m starting up the VDiet in a couple of weeks and had a few general questions I was hoping you could answer…

  1. Sauna once to twice weekly? Not really as a part of a training regimen but mainly for my skin due to some acne issues.

  2. Swimming? I just started back at it as my form of cardio and was wondering if you thought it would still be acceptable as a NEPA activity if I’m taking it relatively easy.

  3. Warm-up/Cooldown? I didn’t see it directly addressed but for those heavy rep days I wanted to know what typical protocol for those should be.

  4. Meal timing? Is it fine to spread out a meal over the course of an hour? I’m transitioning into having less food and more shakes and am finding that the longer I take to finish a shake the less hungry I find myself throughout the day.

  5. Morning workouts. I’m usually working out first thing in the AM and I remember reading from an earlier post that I should sip on Surge during the early workout and finish it off afterwards and lead that into my 1st meal. How do you feel about mixing in the morning meal with the recovery shake or splitting half and half with one another?

  1. No problem.

  2. Yes, just keep the general NEPA rules in mind.

  3. A few sets to get the feel for the weights is fine for a warm-up. A cool-down is walking back to your car from the gym. :slight_smile:

  4. Most people find themselves too “full” on the V-Diet. But if you want to sip a shake rather than chug it, that’s fine.

  5. Mixing anything with Surge Recovery will “slow down” its effects and alter the reaction it’s designed to have.

i also had a few questions about the supplements during the 2 week transition phase…

  1. the diet outlines the timing of the protein shakes themselves, but not the Flameout & superfood complex…do i continue using these during the 2 weeks? do i decrease it at all?
  2. what about after the 2 weeks? do i continue taking anything?

also, i noticed on the v-diet package, it doesn’t include enough Metabolic Drive, Surge recovery, and Flameout (assuming you continue taking it for the 2 weeks transition)…i’m going to have to re-order those 3 items now that i’ve counted the servings i’ll need…

  1. No need to decrease those during the Transition phase. Both Superfood and Flameout are used by many people every day of the year, regardless of their diets, for general health benefits. Since you are getting solid healthy meals though, you do have the opportunity to get in veggies, fruits, and more healthy fats. So they aren’t as “mandatory,” but still a good idea. You can only get in so much solid food in one meal per day and can’t cover all the bases that Superfood and Flameout can.

  2. It’s up to you. All of the supplements in the V-Diet are made for other uses, not just for this plan. Metabolic Drive is still a handy source of extra protein or a quick meal replacement. But you may also want to look into other things. Many successful V-Dieters move to <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G to reap its benefits and continue their progress.

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