General Inquiries About V-Diet

Let me start with an introduction before moving on to a few questions about the diet.

I’m Asian, Chinese to be exact. 24 years old this year at a height of 173cm and weighing at 87kg(Minimal muscle, mostly fats), I’ve not measured my body fat percentage but a wild guess would be at least 25%. I’m a firefighter and obviously, I’m the type of firefighter that destroys the image of a true firefighter(strong and well built). I used to work out a lot and long story short, I fucked up and here I am trying to make it right again… And what better way than to do the V-Diet?

My questions are:
1: Since I work in shifts, I’ve to cook my HSM before work (No kitchen where I work), is it 0k to microwave it?
2: My job scope requires me at UNPREDICTABLE time to do intensive work which can equate to intensive cardio and a little weight lifting. Will this affect my V-diet plan?(Best case scenario is that I don’t get any emergencies in that 1 month to 6 weeks)
3. Due to the laws of my country, HOT-ROX is not allowed here, I was thinking that I use Clenbuterol as a replacement. Is it 0k? (Please don’t ask me how is it possible that I can get a hold of Clen when HOT-ROX is not allowed)
4. Since, I’ve not properly worked out for about 3 years(I fucked up, I know) I was thinking of doing the beginner’s work out for the first 4 weeks and transition to the intermediate in the last 2 week(Optional post V-diet). Is it 0k?
5. Due to my work shift and inadequate gym equipment at work, can I do the work outs on days I prefer in the week(eg. monday,tuesday, wednesay, friday) or must is be strictly alternate days for rest days in between?

These are the questions I have for now and I sincerely apologise if any of the questions I have asked are stupid.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

  1. Sure, no problem.

  2. No, that’s fine.

  3. I don’t recommend it. Can you get Carbolin-19 or Se7en? (Also in T Nation store.)

  4. Sure, sounds like a good plan.

  5. Stick to the schedule as closely as your job allows, but switch it up as you have to. The good thing about being “new again” to the gym is that you’ll adjust quickly.

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