Gav's V-Diet Diary

Hi there, I started the V-Diet today. Following the advice Chris leaned towards: (Does T-Nation support HTML formatting? Doesn’t seem to in preview mode, but then its using javascript to generate previews it seems.)

After loosing 55 lbs from the traditional “eat a lot less and exercise” approach I cut it off once I reached sub 200 goal.

Now I am ready for to reach the remainder of my fat lost goals. 175-180 lbs. Not only that, I may likely build up muscle mass due to being such a complete noob at weight lifting (at the least it will tone).

For those of you curious, my ultimate goal is 200ish lbs at 10% body fat. From there, we will see.

Weight: 193 lbs
Belly: 39 1/2 inches
Thigh: 25 1/2 inches
Calf: 15 1/2 inches
Chest: 37 inches
Shoulders: 10 inches
Upper Arms: 13 inches
Neck: 15 inches

The Diet:

Off Day
((10.2 x 193) + 879) x .50 = 1423.8

Workout Day
((10.2 x 193) + 879) x .60 = 1708.56

Calorie Consumption

Flameout: 4 Capsules per day: 52 cal
Natural Peanut Butter: 1 serving (2 tbs): 210 cal
Metabolic Drive: 10 servings: 1100 cal
Milled Flax Seed: 6 servings (1/2 tea per): 90 cal
Fiber Choice: 2 tablets: 15 cal
Surge: 1 1/2 Scoops: 248 cal

Total Off Day: 52+210+1100+90+15 = 1467 cal (Just within 50cal fudge range)

Total Workout Day: 52+210+1100+90+248+15 = 1715

Comparing mine to Gustavophacho’s thread I removed 30 cal worth of flax seed and 1/2 scoop of Surge to remain within the 50 cal range. The peanut butter is 20 calories more with this brand, but it seemed more practical to remove the flax then trying to divide teaspoons up. Gustavophacho also had a bit more fat (Cause he has muscle) so i figure the removed 2 capsules of Flameout with a smidge more peanut butter is fine.

Only thing I added on to this diet is the good old multivitamin.

Day 1:

Just moved in back to the college dorms. Here is a pic of the supplements and where 1/2 of them are stored.

Ramblings of the day:

Wow, HOT-ROX Extreme, what can I say. The stuff kicks like a mule, even to someone experienced with the caffeine binges I have went through (course the stuff isn’t based on caffeine).

I was hungry more so then usual during the day, but every time it got bad it was shake time again! Quashed the hunger till the next uprising.

Tempting temptation of the day: Walked in on a room of co-workers with a large pizza and a large cheesey bread pizza. Had to do a 180 real quick before the greasy aroma got to me.

Flax seed also doesn’t seem to mix well with my first try at it. I must of lost 1/2 the flax I used. Duly noted for the second flax shake I made that day. Turned out perfectly blended.

I also hope to give you guys an idea oh how I gained over 60 lbs of fat since my transition into college through this diary, more to come latter(No it wasn’t booze binging).

Day 2:

Going strong so far. I do notice I have less energy it seems. Looking forward to getting over the hump of my body getting use to the low cal, low carbs. The HOT-ROX Extreme help a lot for a while.

The late night walk last night was good. Walked around the dorm complex here. It seemed I was dragging during the walk though. Again with me needing to get use to the low carb, low calorie change.

Strawberry shake and vanilla are my two favorite flavors. I am going to try out the Coffee and Vanilla recipe either tonight or tomorrow.

I was going through my pantry at college and seeing all the food I ate and used to eat. You can see attached what I have now.

The temptation really isn’t there, but I did throw away a box of Cheez-it. They sound good right now to eat, but hell no am I going to touch them.

Good luck man.

We started the same day!!!
I’m missing the natty pb. Going to get some in a short while.

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