GatorDavid's V-Diet Log

Well. Day One is in the books and we’re off and running. Or, at least I would be running, but apparently I’m not allowed.

I’ve run the last 3 LA Marathons and am rather disappointed that I will most likely not be running this year’s.

It’s a fair trade, I think. I’m very excited about beginning the VDiet with my buddy (Kellster).

I had my five shakes today plus my Surge after the workout. At no point was I even close to hungry, although it was tough to watch Heroes without any popcorn or almonds.

The workout today was much easier than I expected. The whole thing took less than 25 minutes. That’s quite a change since we’ve been lifting weights for an hour and a half three times each week for over a year now.

My wife took some photos of me tonight but they’re still on her iPhone for now. I figure that I’ll take the “real” photos on my weigh-in and measurement day. (Saturday?)

A little background:
I went to elementary school and high school in Daytona Beach, Florida. I started smoking when I was 15 and relied on the insane metabolism of being a teenaged boy to keep slim. I never did any sort of exercise in high school. For a short while I was on the swim team and for an even shorter while I ran track and field. But we didn’t have any money so I had to work all through school, mostly fast food restaurants and the like. I had a friend who surfed and I spent a lot of time on the beach in the ocean; we played racquetball quite a bit … but again, I was never what you’d call “athletic”.
I got to college and started seriously drinking. I never got fat, but I was certainly never “in shape”.
At some point during my sophomore year at the University of Florida a friend challenged me to a game of racquetball and I got hooked. My girlfriend at the time was working on getting into medical school and she exercised constantly. Somehow, one day, I just decided to start joining her.
And then she joined Florida Crew.
That’s when my life really changed.
The rowing community was such a fun group of people and I wanted to be a part of it. I went to a practice and became hooked.
I quit smoking – because it is impossible to be a smoker and a rower, I can promise you that! – and switched to snuff. I became a serious athlete.
For a little more than two years I rowed with Florida Crew and I was in the most absurd, insane, obscene condition possible. I was constantly eating – a steak every night, a pound of pasta for breakfast – because I wanted to stay in the Heavyweight Eight boat. That meant I had to keep my 5’10" frame above 185 lbs. (Somehow I managed to hang out at about 200 lbs.) Oh, and we worked out like maniacs. It was the best.
After graduation I couldn’t remain on the team, of course, so I started running. And running. And running.
I ran 3+ mi/day three times every week for years. I ran a half-marathon in New Orleans in '99.
And then all sorts of craziness. I moved to Los Angeles and started an entirely new life.
I hit 30 and realized that the days of doing whatever I wanted to my body were over. I started going to the gym (by myself) in the mornings a few times each week. But … working out alone is just difficult. I was running pretty consistently again, and on a lark I entered to run the LA Marathon.
It was a blast and I ran two more. I wasn’t aiming to set any records. I was just glad to be able to do them.
Finally about a year and a half ago my best friend and I joined the same gym. We’ve been going religiously to lift weights ever since. And what’s even more awesome is that he has been a madman about it. He’s been a T-Nation reader for a long time and we do all sorts of crazy workouts.
I am stronger now – and in better shape – than at any other point in my life.

But there’s just always been that nagging feeling that I could be better. I’ve not seen the six-pack of my abs since I was a teenager and I don’t want to wake up when I’m 40 and realize that I’m just like all the other flabby guys walking around this country.

So there you go. Glad to be here. Wish me luck.

Good work!

Now there’s a real team of people that started on the 23rd! Keep it up!


[quote]GatorDavid wrote:
Glad to be here. Wish me luck.[/quote]

Very glad you’re here too… but luck has nothing to do with it, of course!

Keep us posted. Sounds like you’re ready to make a serious change!

Awesome getting started! Sounds like you already have a strong history of making life changes and making them stick. Cant imagine you not being able to do this simple little vdiet. You’ll rock it.

I have to say - having a local partner on the thing makes it a much easier deal. I’m seeing David just about daily, so the option for quitting in any way at all just doesn’t exist. Hopefully everyone on the forums feels the same way. Don’t give up. We’ll find you.


Welcome to the V-Diet! Post some pics and measurements, and keep us updated. You sould like you are in good shape already.


FYI: I am still going strong. As long as he doesn’t mind, though, I’m going to just add my comments to my V-Diet Partner’s log:

Kellster’s V-Diet Log:

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