Hi Chris,

I’m at Day 20 (yay, me!), and thought I’d ask you about this issue. The first few days I did not take the fiber supplement, as I thought the flaxseed might be enough. Then the BMs stopped for 3 days, so I started taking a suger-free fiber supplement (Psyllium Husk Caps). This is my first time taking fiber supplements. The bottles says to take 2 servings a day, but I’ve been doing one serving w/each shake (5 a day). BMs are back to normal, but I am often feeling bloated/constipated during the day. I wasn’t sure if this was from too much fiber, or still not enough, but based on what I just shared, my next course of action was going to be to cut back to 3 servings a day of the fiber. Thoughts?



I’d cut back. It’s natural to have decreased BMs since you’re simply not taking any a lot of calories and everything is basically being used by the body. Could be other things as well, and more fiber is often not the answer; probiotic could be better. Hard to say though.


Thanks, as always, for the quick response. I’ll cut back. It’s not terrible…and I am having a morning BM again, so otherwise fine. I’ll just do two fiber caps/day for this last week.