Gary's V-Diet Log

Day 1, 16 Dec 13
Male, 54 yrs old
5 ft 9 in.
214 starting weight
41 waist, I took all the other measurements will post at the end of this journey
I have a weight loss goal…190, but waist size is most important

Come from a power lifting background, looking at these pics you would never know
Have not lifted in 3 weeks, took time off to heal up some and be ready
Singles at that time were 365 squat, 320 bench, 385 dead, raw, with belt on squat
Lifting will be a heavy exercise then some assistance work

Plan on 3 days with weights and 2 prowler days, along with the NEPA walks
First workout—Squats worked up to…230-5, 250-4, 270-3, 290-2, 315-1, weight was okay, already sore from a flexibility stand point, 5x10 leg press light weight, 3x12 seated leg curls with bands

At 54, working out is still fun and easy, but recovery takes a lot longer now and aches and pains come along quite often, hoping a 25lb weight loss will make things easier, So my goal is to get well under 200, eat right (finally) and maybe compete again in the 198 class

How’s this going so far mate?

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