Garrett's VDiet Log


Ok guys here it goes, been on indigo since August last fall… Loved it but over the holidays and Winter i (somewhat intentionally) let myself go diet wise. Put on a bunch of weight some quality, some not and had some awesome PR’s. Officially hit 280 lbs for the first time and some of my best lifts ever (405 lb incline BB bench for example x 1). Time to lean up over the next four months, potentially planning on a BB Show at the end of June with a cruise immedietely following on July 4th. Never gone all the way to contest shape so should be an awesome experience, and i decided to start it off with a V Diet. Plan is as follows…

VDiet March 1-March 28th
VDiet Transition March 29th- Apr 11th
Full Protocol Indigo Apr 11 through July 4th

Haven’t decided exactly how im going to diet during the last period, probably start with a lower carb diet and gradually add them in while increasing cardio during that period and going from NEPA to more and more sprint/high intensity weight training. Ill post pics on Thursday for before shots.

I have also considered throwing in a 2-4 week VDiet again immediately prior to the cruise (only going to do this if I encounter horrible problems dieting on my own and if I decide not to do the BB comp as this route wont properly set me up to peak with the lack of carbs etc…)


One question…since im slightly above the recommended weights for this program would you recommend adding anything? I was thinking one scoop of Surge Workout Fuel on my workout days or an additional protein shake each day? Just concerned as my calories are dropping my about 50%.


Tomorrow it begins… since im too busy to take measurements tomorrow morning, heres todays morning measurements to get me started…

H: 6’3"
Shoulders: 59
Chest: 48.75
Waist: 41
Waist(smallest): 38
UA - L: 19.25
UA - R: 19.25
UL - L: 28
UL - R: 28
Calf - L: 16.25
Calf - R: 16.25


Good to have your Ghost. I’d throw that question to Chris in the ‘ask Chris’ forum…he’s pretty responsive in there. 405 incline eh? I’m at almost 1/2 that. hahaha…nice work! All natural?


Yup all natural, been lifting 5-6 days a week for 7 years almost.

On the third day today with the diet. Feeling great during the day but yesterday after my lift i felt extremely weak from the lack of carbs im assuming, had to lay down and rest for awhile just to feel better. Still dealing with a lot of left knee pain so i did what i could with front squats coupled with low energy heh.

Day 2 Workout- Friday

a) Front Squat
185x5, 185x5, 185x4, 185x4, 185x4, 185x3

b) Close Grip Bench Press
275x5, 275x4, 275x4, 275x4, 275x4

c) Pull Ups (Was really suffering from shorter rest periods and low cals here)
BWx5, BWx4, BWx3, BWx3,BWx3,BWx3,BWx3

d) Push Press
185x6, 185x5, 185x5, 185x3, 185x4, 185x3

Only was able to walk for 15 min before i felt too exhausted to continue from lack of energy… hoping my body adjusts quickly


Just walked for an hour saturday… pretty quiet day. Gonna go for my walk here today in the next 30 min or so, then take a couple hours off and hit the V-Burn Challenge early evening!


good job man. the workouts are tough. they look easy on paper but when your calories, carbs, and rest times are so low it makes them very difficult.


Feeling great today, had a HSM yesterday, i know it was only day four but decided to have one before my girlfriend left town all week since it was her birthday as well. Works out though! Already seeing changes but gonna hold off on any measurements till a week is over on thursday morning.


Oh just for the record im using L-Leucine in the diet as i am concerned with losing muscle mass at this calorie intake.