Garlic Sauce Challenge


I’m going to attempt to make the pizza Chris posted next week for my HSM(will post pics), was wondering if anyone has or anyone could make up a healthy spicy garlic sauce(or anything similar) haha my mouth is watering as I type…


Remove the sugar, back down the oil( change types too), pick a clean hot sauce, and viola.


If you’re just wanting a spicy garlic sauce I would cook a diced de-seeded chipotle pepper in some coconut oil in a skillet until the pepper bits get nice and cooked. then toss in some garlic and salt, brown the garlic and boom, you’ve got a sauce.

It’s not pretty, but it’s quick, healthy as hell and tasty. I’ve used it before.


Ah tysm for the replies, tomorrow when i get off work im going to make both and taste them to be ready for wednesday. Ill keep you updated on how it goes. Again thanks