Gameday Snacks!

Just thought I’d start a thread and see what everyone’s favorite gametime snacks are now that football season is upon us. I’ve kicked the wings/beer habit.

My current favorite is a variation on CS’s sushi zero. I got rid of the cream cheese and roll the salmon around avocado with a line of siracha sauce.

Bet the rest of you have some great ideas and would love to hear them.


Broiled, baked, fried in coconut oil, grilled, smoked. If it’s a wing and not fried in trans fat it’s game on.

Rutabaga frie’s/chip’s are becoming good, trying to perfect those.

Roasted asparagus is a great snack.

Toasted cocoa almonds that chris posted about.

Ohh cauliflower pizza is a great game-day meal.

Homemade hummus! It’s super easy and way healthier than the store-bought kind. Serve it with some celery or carrots.

Chimera23 – get some good cheese, slice it real thin and toast it in a super hot oven-- there’s your new dipping crackers :slight_smile:

Best to use a hard cheese for the crackers, like parmasean, asiago, etc. Chedder is a bit greasy, Still comes out good.

Will post pictures tomorrow…

Any further instructions? Tried this yesterday and ruined nearly an entire block of cheese (picture the image of an excessively cheese pizza, except without anything else).

Yeah work’s best with shredded cheese. I’ll get the pictures up before the day is over, I promise. I’ll even make some more tonight ( better than yesterday’s! )

Gave them their own HSM/Recipe post! Will work on them more tonight and this week… i’ve had them before, they are always good, but i want to make them OMFGWTFBBQ if you know what I mean.

Healthed up cream cheese dip for apples…or whatever.

1 block of cream cheese - softened (full fat/fat free)
3/4 cup splenda
1 t. vanilla extract

Mix all together and enjoy.

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