Game On - Embassy's V-Diet Log

Here’s my story.

I did the Precision Nutrition Challenge in 2007. As it happens, I was a finalist in my age category. I went from 193 lbs to 170 lbs, and from 26.2% body fat to 12.3%. Most of my exercise for the 2007 sixteen week challenge was geared towards fat loss, and it was extremely effective. In fact, I actually put on 8 lbs of muscle during the challenge, as well as running 500 miles.

It was a great ride, but having finished at a lean 170 I was looking for more mass out of my lifting program in 2008. I went on “The New Rules of LIfting” program for Beginners (I’m not completely a beginner but I figured starting at the bottom wasn’t a bad strategy and I’d never done a program as deliberate and focused as TNRoL before). I also ate a lot more calories in an attempt to grow. I think I put on somewhere in the vicinity of ten pounds of muscle during 2008.

Unfortunately I also seem to be one of those people who put on fat alongside the muscle in about a 2:1 ratio. I ate probably 75%-80% compliant with the Precision Nutrition rules, so it’s time to tighten things up a bit. I’d like to see the present I spent all last year giving myself, so I’m going on the Velocity Diet as of today and will document everything here in this thread.

I ordered my supplements last week and FedEx says it’ll all arrive Wednesday. In the meantime I have enough stuff left over from previously that I can get through until then. I’m digesting meal 4 right now, did my NEPA and weights today, and am feeling pleasantly sore at the moment - that muscle-awareness you get when you hit the gym hard.

I also took my “before” photos and am just disgusted with the way my back looks. Since I never see myself from that angle I was astonished. But day 1 is 80% complete, I’m hungry, but I am pretty confident I can see this through.

Those pics can be painful, no?

But that’s the idea.

Pics, especially from angles different from that you see in the mirror, can be a real wake-up call.

Keep us posted.

Week One results

Okay, I have never enjoyed a solid meal as much as I did last night. Brown rice, mixed greens and vinaigrette, a small steak, less than half a pound, and some broccoli, with a small glass of sangiovese. Bliss!

I seriously loathe protein powder in all its forms now. Plus I have ketosis-breath, which is never fun. But I’ll get through it - I’m not exactly enjoying life but I feel as if I can manage okay.

Completed all three weight workouts. I’m astonished at how much my strength decays in later sets. A typical 40 rep workout is 8, 8, 7, 5, 5, 3, 2, 2 - it really feels as if I’m falling off a cliff.

For NEPA, I’ve been doing some moderate running - easy easy ten minute miles. That part’s no hassle.

Plus, finished my first velocity diet challenge in 14:20. I haven’t done this many calisthentics since high school. Some of the transitions are easy (Pike to Mountain climber) but others seem to waste time like Push Up to Jumping Jack). Oh, well. Now I know where to hustle next week.

All in all, I can’t say I am looking suddenly ripped or anything, but I suspect I’ll be happy with the scale, tape, and Mr. Pinchy tomorrow morning.

Quick numbers - waistline down 1.5 inches, weight down 4.6 lbs.

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