Gaining Weight While On


Starting weight 181, 28%BF

After first week 174 just before first meal (very strict on shakes, supplements and training)
meal was a sashimi and sushi dinner going heavy on the fish
Starting week two 180, figured it was water weight from meal
Now 5 days later still at 177. Fat has gone down significantly but weight not coming off.
Can this be possible? I tried searching but found nothing about weight gain on v-diet.
I know being in upper 40’s Test is having issues (something to get correct soon)
Any suggestions? Should I modified anything so just see what happens?

Thanks in advance,


Wait, “fat has gone down significantly” but scale weight isn’t moving anymore?

That’s awesome!

It probably means you’re losing fat and gaining some muscle. We call that “The Holy Grail”, Joe!


I agree, I’ll have to check BF at end of week but given where I was I’m shocked.

I know I feel flat but inches are coming off… quite strange… I just thought I was doing something wrong.



Keep us updated.

And keep in mind that scale weigh is wonky. If you’re liking what you’re seeing in the mirror and like how pants etc. are fitting, who cares what the numbers are on a scale?