Gain Muscle Mass After Shredding Diet

Hey , T Nation guys!
Currently doing the John Berrardi get shredded diet. 6 more weeks to go and I’ve bought after I finish it Plazma , Mag-10. As I’m 14 days in a caloric deficit , I was wondering after finishing the program , to take some Alpha Male or Tribex + Indigo-3G or Micro-PA. I’ll slowly increase calories and I’ll do with carb cycling also. Berries the first weeks, then slowly oats, rice and etc. I have also Carbolin 19 , I’m thinking when to use it. With my muscle stack now to stay as shredded as possible
Here are some photos from my current form. ? IMG_2216

Did you see Berardi’s article for coming off diets like his Get Shredded plan? A lot of it seems like what you’re planning, but it might be worth a read to double-check.

You’re really lean, great work, so I’d go with Micro-PA. It has a more direct muscle-building effect, especially if you pair it with straightforward bodybuilding-style training with plenty of time under tension work. Indigo-3G is awesome, without a doubt, but it’s very likely your insulin sensitivity is pretty in-tune, so between the two, you’ll likely get more bang for the buck with Micro-PA.

Use it on the two days a week you’re not taking Alpha Male because Alpha Male contains a dose of Carbolin 19 and you don’t want to overlap them. If you go with Tribex instead of Alpha Male, you can use Carbolin 19 every day.

Thanks , sir!
Yes , I’ve read it! So to give my body it’s adjustments for 9 weeks post shred diet for the carbs and then to use Plazma and Mag-10?

For sure. Use them as the label suggests - Plazma before/during lifting and Mag-10 after lifting or between meals - and you’re set.

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