G-Noym's Diet Log

On Day 2 after being prescribed to follow the V-Diet and workout plan to a T by my great High School buddy who I trust with all things fitness and nutrition. Getting ready for my wedding and a healthier lifestyle so I’ve prepped myself by getting my fitness levels back to somewhat normal (dropped about 7 lbs on my own with cardio / eating better / light lifting in the 4 weeks prior to starting this diet).

Completed Day 1 with no fiber tablets or milled flaxseed (was able to pick up both today so I’ll be on track with that going forward). Woke up and was STARVING. So, I drank 32 oz. of cold water with a fresh lemon squeeze and walked a couple miles on an incline for my NEPA in the AM. My measurements are in my paper journal so I will post those at the end of the program when I digitize.

already inspired by reading through other members’ logs and some of Chris’ articles so I think I will continue to do that to pass the time and keep my mind off food (forgot to mention I am an amateur chef in my spare time and a foodie…live in NYC and there’s too much good food to not be into it here).

A numbers guy by trade, I know:
I am 5.4% done with the diet (1.5 days/28)
and 6.3% through with the workouts (1/16)
Just need to push through not AROUND to get to 100% for both.

Good luck bud. Sounds like you’re on the fast track to success.

Day 3 off to a good start. Forgot to mention I’m not taking the thermogenic (HOT-ROX and/or Carbolin 19 sp?). Woke up, had some brain candy (suggestion from my friend who completed the v-diet). Had a decent workout with the brain candy and Surge…assuming I will be decently sore tomorrow but my body has been waiting for this shock for some time now.

About to have my breakfast shake…I know flaxseed has a bad rap on some of the logs I’ve seen but no complaints here so far with it. Have been opting to include the fiber tablets to regulate my fiber intake and stay regular…the assorted fruit sugar free tablets are like a candy treat among the somewhat monotonous chocolate shakes I’ve been having. Switching it up to Vanilla tomorrow or Friday (with a sprinkle of cinnamon as I heard that is legal).

Have already cut coffee out of my daily routine…switched to green and mint teas (we have a nice selection at work). Have yet to have a soda or stray from the diet. I’m sure the cravings will kick in soon though and I’ll have to turn back to some more inspirational articles…that will also make the HSM that much more enjoyable.

Day 4 and I’m sore…the reverse lunges got the best of me. Getting out of bed was difficult but I attribute that to the crappy weather outside. Thinking about redeeming my weekly HSM tonight. still have yet to have coffee since Monday, tea is my new friend and I’ve already sampled three different varieties at work. Going to scour other logs and forums on this site for meal ideas…and after it’s all said and done, hopefully I have a game plan for dinner tonight.

Day 5…almost done with a full week. I redeemed my HSM last night (pic attached)…lean steak, chicken, and 3 shrimp with steamed broccoli/cauliflower, roasted brussel sprouts, and romaine salad bowl with evoo and red wine vinegar. Worked out like a beast (beast by my definition, not a real bodybuilder’s) today and capped it off with a 2 mile walk on an incline. About to crush my bfast shake as i needed to allow some time for my Surge to settle.

Had Brain Candy for my preworkout supplement and that plus my new playlist made me feel unstoppable. Got a promising body fat % reading after my workout (which the trainer at the gym said could be a little high) but it was in the 16-18% range and I know a year ago i was at 31.9% so I’m not sure what I did right before I started this but I guess I’m on the right path. Here’s to looking forward to a weekend road trip up to my parents’ house to help them move and to my first V-Burn challenge on Sunday when I return.

Day 6 is underway. I survived a road trip by planning well in advance and packing up literally everything I’d need for 2 days on the diet (pic attached - will be saving my parents money as they don’t need to pick up any special groceries or take me out to eat while I’m here…you’re welcome mom and dad). Just completed the intermediate V Burn challenge. Thought I’d be saving this for tomorrow but my friend asked why I WASN’T doing it today to I took his subtle hint and just went for it.

Took me 36 minutes but I finished everything in its entirety which I’m proud of (even the clap push-ups which i dreaded b/c i have the most horrible shoulders ever - dislocated each around 4 times back in my frat days in college).

Morning went like this (I’m writing out of chronological order):

  • Woke up
  • drank water and tea
  • shake
    Had another tea when I met up with an old pal at Starbucks to catch up for a lil bit. Usually when I meet up with this friend I am chowing down on scrambled eggs and bacon with a side of potatoes and pancakes. He accepted the fact that I am v-dieting and was okay with just seeing me for quality time (that’s how I know he’s my real friend).
  • V-burned upon my return home.

About to prep my lunch shake and am resting for the next 3 hours as I will be moving some furniture around for about 2-3 hours this afternoon and will need the energy. Not having the surge on these non-workout days actually makes me appreciate being able to workout at the gym b/c I know i get another 330 calories and more carbs…on my first non-workout day my coworker noted how exceptionally miserable I was. But I bounced back to my normal jovial self on my next non-workout day, which was Day 4 on the V-Diet (I think it was my body going through focaccia and ciabatta withdrawal).

Here’s to almost 1 week on the diet and I haven’t died yet so I guess it isn’t THAT bad after all.

Day 7 ended the week with a lot of much-needed rest. The 3 hours of moving i described in my previous post turned into a 6 hour heavy lifting escapade of moving big pieces of furniture from my childhood home to a storage unit. (glad i’m not a professional mover as our company would have lost our shirts on that one…not just because of the sweat).

Road trip back to my apt 4 hrs away from my parents’ house was a challenge but I was able to successfully thwart any cravings for food. Woke up at 5:15 am…hit the road by 5:35 am and needed to return the car by 9:40 am…all a success:

  • 2 liters of water before bfast
  • bfast shake sipped over the course of an hour (from 6:45 - 7:45am)
  • Large Green Tea
  • sugar free gum
  • 2 more liters of water
    4 hours on the road + the liquids above = 5 piss stops. Almost didn’t make it for the last bathroom stop as a road was shut down by my apartment and the merge onto the alternate route was a cluster-f**k.

For the rest of the day I skipped my NEPA b/c the move alone was the equivalent of 2 lifting workouts + I registered over 12,000 steps on my pedometer that we use for work so I earned the right to melt into my couch for hours on end…even napping intermittently before I finally went to sleep. Had to time my shakes correctly and to do so, I just made sure to chug so much water that I didn’t even want the shakes…but when it was time for them, it was heaven.

Started the second week (day 8) with a dose of brain candy and a great workout - I was able to increase the weight on all my exercises today. I still have bad form with my front squat (before this I had never squatted), but I used the smith rack for guidance. Might invest in some wrist guards/wraps/pads for next week. Capped off the weights with a 30 minute uphill walk on the treadmill and the best shower ever (TMI?).

Prepping for another travel weekend - going to Arizona for my sister’s MBA graduation (go sis!). I bought some ziploc screw on top plastic containers and have already packed my supplements (I actually need a full container of my Metabolic Drive - 26 scoops) so I am just bringing one of my unopened containers and I have allowed for 2 extra servings in case of plane delays.

My sister got me a guest pass to the YMCA near her apartment for Friday’s workout and she has accepted that I can only eat one HSM over the course of the weekend (which sucks because I’m going to a Gala and will be missing out on alcohol as well as the best Tex-Mex ever but this will just be another test of my willpower).

Already looking forward to day 9…after measuring and weighing since my initial measurements, I lost an inch around my neck and shoulders, about a half inch on my chest, waist is the same but I’m confident that’ll change throughout. Weight-wise, I’m down 6 lbs but according to the scale today, I am down 9…I’ll take the 6 for week one and “sandbag” it for next week’s measurements #devious.

Day 9 - off to a decent start…had a couple personal/professional distractions but no V-Diet distractions and that’s what it’s all about at this point in the game. Almost on day 10 which is crazy…almost done with half of the program…which is super crazy…and now my focus is on this weekend where I’ll be busy and travelling. Mapping it out in my mind will help me to plan the work and work the plan (as my first boss taught me with project management):

  • Flying halfway across the country to AZ on Thursday night (planning to sip my dinner shake on the plane, and to have my nighttime shake when I get to my hotel room…my sister already has some natural nut butter waiting for me b/c she’s the best).

  • For Friday, I’m going to get up early and get after it at the gym, have my breakfast shake before graduation ceremonies, and make sure to bring a lot of water for that Arizona Heat (and chewing gum when the inevitable hunger kicks in).

  • Friday Lunch - I’ve been studying the menu at the restaurant we plan on going to in order to make sure it is in 100% compliance with the V-Diet

  • Rest of Friday - shaking only and will be ordering unsweetened iced teas and seltzer with limes at the social event I’m attending…luckily I will not know anyone there (besides my sister and her boyfriend) so I won’t feel obliged to stay out until the wee hours of the morning WHEN I’M NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO DRINK!

  • Saturday - V-Burn challenge in the morning and then shaking all the way to the airport for a red eye, where I will be sipping my nighttime shake on takeoff and hopefully pass out right away

  • Landing in ATL - I am not going to give myself time to think about bfast in the morning as I hustle to my connecting flight…then for Mother’s Day with the future in-laws, I’ve already emotionally prepared them for me not to eat but instead, just spend quality time with them and my protein powder

Couple things I’ve noted for myself re: willpower/following through are that I just need to stay distracted and not look at a clock. This helps me actually be more productive at work, complete personal projects that need to be done on a strict deadline (packing up my apartment and prepping to move), and be flexible in terms of location, not the diet (with my back - to - back weekends of travel).

The busier the better and it looks like I will not have a free moment until Sunday night when I get back to my apartment to think about anything but what I need to accomplish (not even counting the V-Diet). Cravings = gone and I have already sat through lunches/dinners where others are eating delicious and tempting foods. It’s not awkward and in time, I will be able to join them and make them feel guilty with my healthier/leaner meal choices and for that…well…I just can’t wait.

Might not be posting until Sunday night so that’s why I got wordy here.


Started off day ten…yes day ten…by straining and/or pulling my right quad today on my first exercise of the Wednesday workout - reverse lunges will be the death of me.

I didn’t let it ruin the rest of my workout though and did 4 / 5 sets which is 80% and B- in my book. Going to nurse this puppy with stretching, foam rolling and ice (per my mentor’s advice and guidance)

Friday’s workout won’t be too strenuous on my quads and I will do the V-Burn quad-permitting on either Saturday if i’m back to 100% or Sunday - assuming I’m fine by Sunday as that gives me about 4 full days of “rehab’n.” Down a belt loop which is sweet, feeling more energetic each day and have continued to stay busy with work, walking home from work (3 miles / about 45-55 min), packing up my apt (we have a lot of stuff in our NYC studio), and prepping for travel. No time to think about food or cravings except for looking forward to my already-scheduled HSM’s for the remaining 18 days of the V-Diet (not counting transition):

  • HSM Lunch on Friday afternoon in AZ
  • HSM next Saturday night when my aunt/mother are in town for the fiance’s bridal shower
  • HSM the following Thursday (5/22) for my fiance’s birthday

Almost halfway done with this. Even with this quad setback, I have read enough to know that diet will dictate somewhere between 70-80% of my success (someone please correct me if this figure is off)…so my progress should continue even if I have to modify future workouts or a handful of my future workouts. Key takeaway from today: I will remember to stretch every damn day.

Dude. You’re super organized. Good work.

I forgot my week 2 HSM. Didn’t realize until halfway through week 3.


that’s not a bad thing (while i’m no pro, I think it’s commendable that you were able to push through this diet/workout series and didn’t even realize you missed the solid meal, I’d say good job - no fitness/nutrition credentials here though - but i guess that’s a sign of your lack of cravings). Looks like you’re almost done so keep up the good work on your end as well.

like i said in one of my older posts…just gotta plan the work and work the plan. This may be my favorite platform for venting/logging, i ditched a crappy fake sports blog a long time ago after 4 horrendous posts but these are fun. I thought I’d be skipping out on the digital documentation but it’s a key for success and that’s why I keep this little diary.

last post before Sunday or Monday, as previously promised due to travel. Diet is going fine and according to schedule on this rainy day 11. Only foreseeable problem for my workouts is my quad muscle which is in a great deal of pain. Slept on the couch with 4 pillows under it to keep it elevated and I iced / used heat but it’s still hurting…grabbing a compression bandage at lunch and will go to foam rolling when I return from my weekend away. For the V-burn, I am going to incorporate ab exercises wherever my right quad would have otherwise been at risk of being further injured. First sports-related injury in a while but what of it.

the start of the second half…day 15. Back from a crazy weekend of limited sleep and unlimited travel. Stuck to the diet, brought my shaker bottle to 2 restaurants and a family cookout.

Had my HSM Saturday which was amazing:

  • ancho roasted chicken with 2 slices of bacon, avocado slices, and caramelized onions (sans bread - b/c it was a sandwich originally)
  • lil bit of my sister’s blackberry glazed salmon steak
  • lil bit of my mother’s beef tenderloin
  • side salad
  • 1 piece of prosciutto / 1 piece of salami / 1 piece of duck pastrami / 3 olives / roasted red peppers for an appeteazer

Did the full v-burn workout while nursing my right quad (my reverse lunges for the right quad were slow so i could get my form right and make sure not to overextend myself / the muscle)…and I beat my first week’s time by 7 minutes with a time of 29:11 and I was able to take a smaller rest period at the half way point where I felt like I wasn’t so much going to die as I was going to just collapse. The first week, I thought death was imminent.

Starting Weight was 208.6
By end of week 2 I’m at 199.6
Starting neck: 16, now: 15.5
Starting waist 39.5, now: 39 (at the largest)
For Shoulders, I’m up around an inch and for chest I’m down around an inch.

Need to kick it up in the NEPA department because I slacked from last wed - yesterday but made sure to cap off my workout this morning with a 30 min uphill interval walk between 3.6mph and 4.2 mph on the treadmill. weather permitting, I’ll walk 3 miles home tomorrow and Thursday.

The end is near. Had an HSM timing curveball thrown at me last week…was invited to a corporate dinner tomorrow night so I obviously said yes b/c I never turn down a free meal. This will be HSM three, trying to hold out for my 4th and last HSM until next week (depending on when we celebrate my Fiance’s birthday) and will tell my mother/aunt who will be visiting from out of town that yes, I will pay for and take them out to dinner but no, I will not eat real food. And after that, it’ll be 8 days until I’m in transition week 1 where we get to have one HSM per day (already been scheming on some recipes on this site for that week and the following 2 HSM / day final transition week).

last note for the day’s post: got more protein so I combined choco/banana for bfast today. It is great, I believe someone also posted they combined those two flavors so this was not my original idea but thank you whoever you are, great suggestion.

Banana/Chocolate is a good mix. For me, chocolate alone is too sweet. I have been adding a teaspoon full of instant coffee to the chocolate in the mornings and a ton of ice. tastes ok this way.

Figured that was from your v-log. it’s definitely a game changer…I’ll have to try the coffee trick to make a mocha shake too.

day 16…NEPA’d the crap out of yesterday with a 30 min walk post-workout and then I walked 60 blocks home after work. This morning, I NEPA’d at the gym with a 45 min walk on the treadmill. Gearing up for my 3rd HSM tonight of the V-Diet with coworkers and am scouring the menu right now to see what would be best for me. Already know I’m getting the roasted carrots and brussels sprouts for my sides but can’t decide if I should get steak or fish…choices choices. I’ll be sipping on seltzer and lime while everyone is imbibing but I’ve already survived 3 April weddings with no drinking (b/c I was driving) and a late night gala with no food/drinks…so tonight should not be an issue regarding eating right and not drinking.

Trying to strategically plan my 4th HSM to fit it in before memorial day (the start of my 2 week transition back into society). It may happen on Saturday which would leave me with 8 days of shakes until I can have one HSM per day (which is fine). But trying to figure out fiance’s bday dinner plans so I know if I need to wait until next week for number 4. As my friend predicted, I now have a new appreciation for food. But I’m very glad I switched to choco/banana shakes, it’s making them less miserable. I might get crazy tonight and for my 3-scoop pre-bed shake do 1 scoop each of vanilla, chocolate, and banana and see what happens.

i know I should wait another day before my next post but…best thing ever at work today was that I was too busy/distracted to remember to keep up with my shakes. It’s 4:45PM, I just finished my lunch shake b/c I ended up nursing the breakfast one for about an hour from 1030a - 1130a. Will be skipping my Snack and Dinner shakes and replace that with my dinner HSM and still be able to have my bedtime shake since I love peanut butter and would not miss out on that for the world. That’s all, a random fitness/diet thought that I just had to put in writing.

carry on.

It’s Day 17 (who’s counting?). I’m feeling great. I am waking up more easily in the mornings and getting out the door earlier each day for my workouts (I’m spoiled with my work schedule so I don’t want to make anyone jealous and I won’t name my specific wake up/head out times). Increased my weights on everything but the curls today…curls were flat but I completed the sets quicker which I am okay with. Last night, I redeemed my 3rd HSM of the V-Diet…a beautiful steak that came with a heavy sauce and potatoes so I subbed out Brussels Sprouts for the taters and all was good with the world. Attached is a pic and I crushed this…I did not eat any of the sauce but wanted it there so I knew that I didn’t need the extra sugar/carbs/salt with which it was laden.

I went out with coworkers who know the program I’m on (they think I’m starving myself and thought this would be like a former inmate’s first meal out of the joint). I ate it slowly, and savored every bite. I cleaned my plate and I knew not to worry about calories because before this meal, I only had my bfast shake and lunch shake. Work was really busy and I had 2 iced teas throughout the day so I wasn’t super hungry until dinner rolled around. Post-dinner, I didn’t even have room for my bedtime shake and peanut butter - and i LOVE peanut butter. Woke up today and didn’t feel heavier…took it to the scale, and was about a pound lighter than I was yesterday which was a plus. When I went to the gym, and after I worked out, I used the scale at the gym just to verify (and now I regret not utilizing that scale as it consistently shows a more formidable number than my digital scale at home). But I know to keep with my home scale to make sure everything’s consistent with my measurements.

Looking forward to this weekend. Saturday will be an active day for me starting with the early morning V-Burn (I have a number in mind for my completion time and am putting together a most epic playlist). Post V-Burn, I am hitting the links and utilizing a golf groupon at a decent par 3 course in the city which equals 18 holes of NEPA as you’re not allowed to use carts there (I’m also cheap if I didn’t already mention that…hence the course with no carts allowed). Then, I will partake in my last HSM of the 4 weeks of V-Dieting and go the following 8 days with just shakes and I have no problem with that. Just have a problem with picking out a restaurant for Saturday night…I’m thinking tapas but I most certainly do NOT want to be sharing any of my proteins / greens with the loved ones with whom I’m dining out.

61% done with the diet
63% done with the workouts
and not to be corny - but - I’m 100% looking forward to my next physical challenge after the 2 week transition phase…and of course, following my bachelor party which is right after the 2 weeks of transitioning.

Day 18 - ten days left. woke up, it’s rainy and miserable outside and so too am I. Didn’t do a NEPA walk to start my day but I did watch the morning news, drink a bunch of water, and postpone my bfast shake until I got into work - still sipping it now. Will walk later tonight and then will be walking a lot tomorrow…I PROMISE. status quo for now…i thought I’d gain a lb or two after Tuesday’s HSM of steak and sprouts but I’ve since lost a lb…that’s my motivation to keep up with the NEPA and push it in the workouts so I’ll have a good number to report in my log come measurement time on Monday morning. Feeling lighter and brighter and for better or for worse, more energetic (apparent in my personal/professional email response time and lengthy messages). Final HSM before memorial day is tapas and I am going to study and re-study the menu so there’s nothing to worry / guess about when I sit down. Just hope they have unsweetened green tea b/c that would simply make my day.

forgot to mention…as a fun activity for me last night I cooked my fiance some food (healthy of course) for her to have and to hold. I made the attached for her…frittata with:

  • 7 eggs / 2 tbsp fat free greek yogurt / splash of fat free low sodium chicken broth for flavor and depth
  • bag o’ spinach leaves
  • 1 plum tomato
  • 2 onions
  • 2 tbsp chopped garlic
  • pinch each of salt and peppah
  • 2 fat free mozzarella cheesesticks (i’ve heard I should go full fat for cheeses but this is what we had and groceries are MAD expensive in NYC so I made do)
  • 1/4 lb Boar’s Head turkey (yeah it’s expensive, but it makes my lady happy so we make this weekly sacrifice for her well-being)

Sauteed all veggies…I bought asparagus to add in but I had a case of the forgettums and disregarded them unfortunately. SO yea, in a cast iron on medium heat, I put (in order): onions / garlic - let them sweat / brown, spinach, then tomatoes, turkey. I let that get all good and threw in my egg mixture (broth/yogurt/cheese included). left it on the stove for about 4 minutes and then popped it into a 450 degree oven for 25 minutes. It puffed up nicely and yielded six decent slices. I will not have any but if she likes it, I will make it for myself with all the ingredients she loathes and I love --> peppers, mushrooms, olives, arugula. Seriously, why does she hate those ingredients?

Aside from this, I also made her shredded chicken mexican style. How you might be wondering?

In a saucepan, I browned 2 boneless skinless chix breasts for about a minute on each side so that the outside was cooked, inside was still raw…reduce heat, and braise the chicken in low sodium fat free broth…let that braise for about 15 minutes and its bubbling. Set aside for another 15 for it to cool, then shred it up. Back to the saucepan, add in shredded chicken (there was about 1/2 - 3/4 lb that I used), enough broth to cover but not drown it, and then half a packet of low sodium taco seasoning. With this on the stove on medium heat, the taco seasoning thickens the broth and adheres to the chicken. She loved it, and there was no doubt in my mind that she wouldn’t. Can’t wait to cook way healthier than I have been post V-diet…although we were already on the right track for cooking, I will just not be making my delicious fried chicken fingers that we both grew so fond of.

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