Fun Things to Do with Mag-10


So, inspired by @Chris_Colucci sharing his new combo of Mag-10 and strawberry lemonade Spike, I thought this could be fun.

Something I like to do, especially in the summer, is make Mag-10 slushies. I originally saw Christian Thibaudeau mention it years ago, but all you have to do is toss a bottle of Mag-10 in the freezer for 30 to 45 minutes. So good (so good).

Outside of mixing lemon and lime, I don’t get too adventurous with the liquid flavor combos. But I know some of you do.

This thread might be silly and fall flat on its face, but oh well.


Ha, yeah, not gonna lie. I was surprisingly proud of myself for noticing the probably-obvious lemon Mag-10 and strawberry lemonade Spike combo.

Spike in Mag-10, or even Brain Candy in Mag-10, has been getting me through morning cardio sessions lately. Brain Candy is sort of orange-flavored, so lemon or berry (or, sure, more orange) Mag-10 works well with it.

As far as liquid flavor combos in general, orange-berry or berry-grape are classics. I keep meaning to try blue raz-grape just to see how it turns out.

But my most “fun” Mag-10 application (really just an off-label use, not necessarily “fun”) is to have a serving right before bed. The big hit of fast-acting casein seems to flood my system with all the muscle-repairing nutrients and basically marinade overnight with all the deep sleep recovery mechanisms. Also, because it’s fast-digesting, my body can spend a few more hours in total recovery-mode, not breaking down any food. I think it’s been a big key to whatever progress I’ve seen the last year or two.

This article specifically talks about nighttime protein intake and discussed a few studies that were pretty interesting. One of them determined that having protein or carbs before bed can elevate metabolism the following morning, another study looked at pre-bed protein intake by itself (casein) and showed that it increased muscle protein synthesis and improved recovery overnight.

Long story short, the before-bed protein shake is a good idea, and Mag-10 is a good choice for it.