Fruits/Vegetables Between Shakes?


On day 7 of the full V-Diet. Feeling a little gased during the advances workouts my assumption is because of the lack of food, is that correct?
I’m holding to it very strictly but wanted to know if I was able to eat some fruit or vegetables in middle of the day as well as the shakes or should I just stick to the plan?
I don’t want to screw anything Up cuz in down 8lbs in first week.


I know you asked Chris, but I am gonna answer anyway.

IF you truly can’t finish, or feel like you are gonna die, or whatever during the workouts, I would cut back the weight on the lifts rather than futz with the diet. I know that for me, losing body fat is 90% diet and the rest is training. I had to back waaaaaay off when I did the V-diet the first time because I thought I could do the same weights/volume with the calorie restriction. Worked for about 5 days. Then came the crash. Kept the diet the same and backed off on the weight and I felt fine after my first HSM.

I have run the V-diet 3 times now and the training is there to help me retain what I have, not to add new muscle or see if I can get a new PR for reps. Humbling, but the results are worth it.

No, for best results don’t add anything. You’ll adapt to the training; it’s a very new challenge to most people, even more experienced lifters.

But if you feel calories are a bit too low, add one scoop of Metabolic Drive to the day, wherever you want to put it. Also, sip 1/2 your Surge Recovery during training to keep you fueled up. Some people are able to add a half-serving intra-workout and have a full serving after. You may want to experiment.

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