Fruit & Nut Butter

What would be the best fruit and serving size for the HSM? I am guessing blueberries or raspberries, around 1/2 cup. I have read some people talking about fruit stalling progress and want to steer clear of that.

Can I eat the 2 TBSP nut butter off the TBSP while drinking my final shake? Or, is it important for it to be blended?

Sorry for so many questions! I have been searching the forums for answers and haven’t come across them yet.


I’m not sure about the fruit, but the nut butter you can have anytime.

I used to use peanut butter, put little blobs of it on a plate then stick in the freezer and eat like sweets :slight_smile:

  1. 1 piece of fruit of one serving of berries per week is not going to harm anyone. Yes, I often recommend not overdoing fruit, but if you’re on the V-Diet we’re only talking about 1 solid meal per week. After that, I stick to one fruit per day.

  2. For psychological purposes, it’s better to blend in the nut butter. Remember, the V-Diet is also about breaking habits, and keeping the diet mostly liquid plays a role there.

Thank you for the info!

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