Fruit for Carb HSM

Was wondering if I can eat a cup or two of blueberries with my HSM as a carb. I don’t process potatoes or rice very well. Was thinking the berries or a protein bar such as Quest or One Brand. Both have less than. 30gs of carbs and around 220kcals. Lots of fiber as well

That’s odd, because they’re usually very well tolerated by peopled, but you know your system better than we do. Are you using white potatoes and white rice? There’s nothing wrong with them even though they’re “white carbs”. This article explains why white rice isn’t the devil, even for fat loss.

Fruit would be fine as part of an HSM. I wouldn’t overfocus just on blueberries, get some variety if you go that route. Bars definitely wouldn’t be a good choice because the whole point of an HSM is to focus on eating whole foods and preparing good muscle-friendly meals. Also, bars aren’t just carbs, so you’d throw off the macro balance of the rest of the meal.

This compilation article and this article by Nate Miyaki discuss some other good carb sources that would be fine.

Thanks Chris. It’s a weird thing with me and potatoes/rice. I took a food sensitivity test and those were foods my body doesn’t handle well. Wheat being the worst. If I eat them a few times a week my body aches and I get congested.

I’ll mix up berries, apples, dates, and citrus fruits. Should i limit them to one cup on non training days and two cups on training days?

I wouldn’t say that’s necessary because you wouldn’t do that with a “regular” HSM. Though I’d still be on the lookout for any other clean carb sources that agree with you. Beans, yams, non-grains like quinoa or stuff from the bulk bins at Whole Foods (amaranth, barley, etc.).

Did the allergy test indicate other carbs that are more agreeable or was it just fruit?

This is what the results were.

I don’t know how to interpret that. The yellow is all stuff you should avoid? If so, that’s rough. I’d still try hitting the bulk bins at a Whole Foods for stuff like amaranth or barley, which can both be cooked a few different ways.

What about corn? Oats?

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