Frontrow12's Diet Log


Started the V-Diet today. First time trying a liquid only diet but after months of endless cooking I’m liking the simplicty.

Currently in the rugby off-season so going against the trend of size/strength gaining that usually happens in this time!

Weight this morning was 233lbs and around 17% body fat. Having an internal struggle with my goals as my position on the pitch needs some weight behind it (average weight is probably between 230 - 260) but I’m chasing the vanity factor also for an upcoming holiday! I’d say 210 is maybe the lowest I could afford to go with the scales but we shall see!

First shake kept me surprisingly full for the morning but by the end of my first workout I was rather hungry! Post WO shake has kept me going until now when I’m on my 2nd.

Only time will tell how it goes but feeling motivated!


Ok Day 1…hard!

All I found was myself thinking about food! Managed to man up and tough it out! Avoiding all thoughts/viewing of food is helping.

Workout 1 was good, doing the advanced level and I enjoyed the intensity.

Day 2 starting like day 1 but still trying to avoid food thoughts. Noticing the increased energy and had a pretty good sleep last night. Oh and Leucine is the worst tasting supplement known to man…just my luck I’d be in the small percent who can taste it!


oh man, on the first day i picked up on the leucine taste in my shake, so i figured i’d just try and take a spoonful of it down the hatch next time. not the best idea.

all the best for the next few weeks man!


Yeah, Leucine is so amazingly bitter. It doesn’t even come packaged with the V-Diet anymore. I guess from rising costs and such? I still have a container left over, figure I might use it in 2 shakes a day.

My method previously was always mixing it in a small amount of water and taking it as a shot before my shake. You might want to try that.


End of day 2 not as bad as day 1! Still had endless thoughts about food but decided to get my NEPA in the form of an hour walk while reading a book (god bless the iPad!) on the way into town to take my mind off it. Something I would have usually taken the car for!

Shakes 1, 4 & 5 seem to keep me going for much longer than the 2 & 3, guessing its cause of the flax. I also bought some fibre tablets to try and help the hunger.

I done some reading on here re: Leucine taste and putting some water in my mouth then the Leucine followed by more water makes it easy!

I’ve spent all day reading posts on here that have kept me going and focused. Got through Dan Johns whole log today…now to find 26 others haha!!


Day 3 much easier. Hardly thought about food…except when I went to the cinema and my partner bought popcorn and sweets…oh and when I had to cook her chicken and stir fried veg…that was hard!

Woke up with a sore head this morning so tried to up the water intake. Seems to have been ok!

Training was good, although it was a struggle not to puke…think I had my breakfast shake a bit too close to the workout. Notable difference in body composition which is good for the old motivation! Looking forward to the v burn and HSM this sat!


Notice your nose being more sensitive? My girl has been having wine next to me every night and I smell the glass across the house as soon as it’s poured.


Haha yeah I can smell everything! I swear I can tell what every apartment in my block is having for dinner when I come up the stairs!

Day 4 went pretty well, still slowly thinking about food less…unless I see it on tv! Finding the 3 workouts a week (excluding v burn) a challenge to adapt to. I’m used to training most days between lifting and rugby plus I’m coaching in a gym at the moment so feels like I’m missing out!

Day 5 was tough for a bit. Had quite a shit day and was questioning why I’m doing this stupid diet as all I wanted was some chicken!! Took my MTFU pill and hit the gym.

Front squat - 198 x 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 4. First time I’d done front squat in a while and the 30s rest killed me! Disappointed with the weight but wasn’t going to get much out of massaging my ego with a bigger weight.

CG Bench (train in a very old school gym, bench is less than ideal on your own so done DB instead) - 85 x 6, 5, 4, 3, 3, 4

Chins - BW x 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3. Always sucked at chins but figured if I’m going to get good at them then this is the time. Have been sneaking in 10 per day outside of prog.

Push Press - 198 x 5, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3.

Finished the session feeling like all the shit from the day had been lifted and was looking forward to my next shake. Motivation back on! V Burn tomorrow…looking forward to it!


V Burn…f*#k me.

Advanced. 43.27… Sitting in the car park unable to think straight.

Couldn’t do handstand push ups so done strict dumbell press. Hand walk outs were horrendous. The way I’m feeling I don’t want to eat or drink anything for 3 days


Try the handstand pushups against the wall with your toes only lightly touching.

Are your weights entered right for the last workout? A 198lb pushpress seems off with the other numbers you entered.


Yeah I did try! No way I would have got 10 in a row 7x!

Yeah weights are correct. Probably could have went heavier on the fronts but technique probably would have suffered & the rest time seemed to kill me! Will up it next week. Back squat is 385 for 3 in normal training.

Had my HSM at a BBQ tonight. Large steak, 2 rump steak burgers, baked potato, salad…heaven! Spent the night on water also.


Down to 220 from 233 in week and 3 days. Noticing I’m a bit leaner but I’m impatient so won’t be happy haha.

Throwing in a pulse fast tues/fri to experiment!

Training on Monday:

BO Row - 176lbs x 5, 5, 5, 5

OH Squat - 154lbs x 5, 4, 3, 3, 3, 2

Dips - 30lbs 5, 5, 5 (300 yr old dip belt broke), BW x 5

Ab wheel - 5, 5, 5, 5

Fully in the routine of shakes now. After the pulse fast yesterday I’m glad to get back on them!


Nice work man, keep it up!

I had weighted chins today and couldn’t find the belt so did the awkward dumbbell foot dance. Someone must have broken it like you did =P