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Its may the 1st and today I started my Velocity Diet. I figured May 1st would be a good start date for myself as the diet will end right before memorial day weekend the ‘unofficial’ start of summer and I plan on being at the beach. Its also been 14 months since my motorcycle accident that left me with 4 broken vertebrate in my lower back and after the accident I spent 6 months rebuilding my body to get back to decent shape (spent about a month in a bed at a hospital and my body went through some serious atrophy). During that process I added more fat then I wanted to. Hopefully some side benefits of this diet include me kicking my soda habit, learning to enjoy eating vegetables, reducing my craving for candy/sweets as well as reducing my alcohol tolerance.

Currently I work as an commercial electrician so I am not sure I’ll be getting in a lot of NEPA while at work… climbing up and down an 8 foot ladders most of the day as well as other physical tasks will keep me moving.

I have been informing a majority of my friends, co-workers, classmates and family about my up and coming diet. Most of them seem very skeptical about if it will ‘work’ or if I will cave in and not fallow through on the diet aspect. I hope to prove them all wrong and hopefully get a nice six pack going which I hope to keep all summer and then bulk in the fall.

My only real concern is that the work outs even in the advanced section seem way too easy compared to my workouts that I get from my personal trainer. So for the time being I will be fallowing his work out regimen till I my lifts drop drastically thus indicating i am losing more then just fat.


Pics and Stats…

Height 6 foot
Weight 180
Neck 15.75
Shoulders 20 (not sure if i measured this right… or even how to measure)
Chest - Upper 42.5
Chest - Lower 41.25
Waist - at Navel 34
Waist - at largest 35
Hips - at largest 35
Upper Arm - L 14.75
Upper Arm - R 14.75
Upper Leg - L 22.5
Upper Leg - R 22.5
Lower Leg - L 15.5
Lower Leg - R 15.5
Ankle - L 9.00
Ankle - R 9.00


another picture


last one


I suggest you try the workouts before you dismiss them as “too easy.”

I see nothing easy about 5x8 deadlifts, push presses, front squats or weighted step ups with 35 seconds rest between sets.

Unless you’re not using any weight.


[quote]reactiontm wrote:
I suggest you try the workouts before you dismiss them as “too easy.”

I see nothing easy about 5x8 deadlifts, push presses, front squats or weighted step ups with 35 seconds rest between sets.

Unless you’re not using any weight. [/quote]

My current work outs are super sets with no rest between each set. Every thing except for legs its 4 sets 8-12 reps. If I can only meek out 8 reps the load is too heavy and if I make 12 reps I need to up my weight. For legs its 4 sets 12-15 reps and same rules apply.

However, with the current lack of caloric intake I might need to use the V-Diet workouts.



I am almost done my first 2 days.

Day 1 was super tough, as I woke up and had to cram down a shake then try to get to the gym to do a leg work out, take Surge wait another hour and then take lunch at 2pm. What made things worse was the fact that I had to go to a family birthday party where they had cake and ice cream, soda… chips and a fruit and vegetable platter.

I kept on thinking to myself that eating a piece of pineapple or strawberries would be ‘ok’ as it was a healthy alternative to having cake… but I just had to grin and bear as every one around me chowed down.

Today wasn’t so bad as I was working all day since 6am. Other then getting slightly hungry an 2 hours to an hour before my shakes the day and diet is bearable. Tonight will be a big test as I have class from 6pm till 9pm and the teacher has a big bag of candy where most students have fun snacking away on chips and candy plus soda.

I also noticed that I need to mix things up in terms of my shakes… choclate 24/7 gets kinda boring! going to try some strawberry tonight for dinner.


Hey good luck man. I am currently on DAY 4, so I feel for you buddy. I mix my flavors together, which helps change up the flavors.


TravMan, I am not sure about mixing flavors… as 5 out of the 10 jugs of the protein are chocolate 2 strawberry and 3 vanilla. So far I’ve had all 3 flavors and their all not bad, considering I’ve tasted much worse in terms of a protein shake.

For day 3 so far so good… However, lunch seemed less filling today then yesterday, and by 2pm I was feeling my blood sugar drop like crazy (not diabetic been tested a few times). 2pm is my normal scheduled time to have my snack however my foreman needed me to do something for an inspection and delayed me by 20 mins… and wow did that effect my ability to focus on my task as well as completing it in a timely manner. On the way home from work all I was thinking was how on earth was I going to make it through my shoulders/calf day at the gym with out more food! I pushed on through and my raspberry Surge was a nice tasty treat afterward.

One side note is that I have found out is to take my HOT-ROX when i wake up and again 6 hours later… waiting till 6pm (4 hours before i go to bed) is a bad thing… I had difficulty sleeping last night as I felt physically warm all evening.


Well today it has been one week…

I am looking forward to my HSM… Been really craving to eat some real food other then flax seed which tastes just awful to me in my shakes. I’ve also had a lot of odd cravings depending on what flavor protein mix i’ve had. Later this week I was really hungry after having a strawberry shake for a banana split sundae. I can’t even remember the last time I had one but I was really looking forward to having one lol. Friday night was a real awakening for myself as I went to my friends house as I normally do during the winters on friday evenings. There I eat dinner and then we normally we drink till around 3 am. As soon as I came in there was a bowl of candy which I found myself walking towards to grab a piece and caught myself thinking… ‘wow i am not even hungry yet i am walking over and grabbing myself some malt ball candies for what?’. The worse was yet to come as he ordered a pizza and a cheese steak for dinner… the aroma was so good i was almost drooling wanting some! However I held off and made it home with out drinking or eating anything other then the bedtime shake.

Here are my measurements

Height 6 foot
Weight 172
Neck 15.5
Shoulders 42
Chest - Upper 42.5
Chest - Lower 41
Waist - at Navel 33
Waist - at largest 34
Hips - at largest 34
Upper Arm - L 14.5
Upper Arm - R 14.5
Upper Leg - L 22
Upper Leg - R 22
Lower Leg - L 15.5
Lower Leg - R 15.5
Ankle - L 9.00
Ankle - R 9.00

I am very pleased… dropped 8lbs saw an inch disappear from my waist and my forearms and biceps are getting very vascular as well as showing some definition other then convex and i am seeing it become convex and concave. I have noticed my shirts are not as tight as they used to be but not by much as well as my lifts have not dropped much if at all so that means i am losing the bad stuff and keeping my muscle!

Over all I was thinking of giving up all week long on this diet as I watched my co-workers and class mates chew away at all sorts of foods this week. But after seeing such awesome results I think i’ll manage with the hunger and wait to see what happens after 28 days. As my one friend said on friday night ‘no pain no gain’ so true…


Last night I ate my healthy solid meal…

I had 2 small steaks, 1/4 of a chicken breast and about 3/4 of a sweet potato as well as a salad with arugula, pecans and balsamic vinegar. Desert, was some pineapple, strawberries, raspberries and black berries. I filled up faster then I thought so I could of probably left out the chicken and half of the steak. At the time i was just so excited to eat food for the first time in a week.

I after feeling so full i decided to take a measurement of my waist… and it was amazing that I had gained my inch that I had lost back. I took it with stride and figured i’d see tomorrow if I lost anything. Sure enough as of today i lost 1/2 an inch.


Not much has gone on since last week although I have noticed my stomach when consuming my HSM has shrunk as my eyes were definitely bigger then my stomach.

People are noticing that i am losing weight but now i am starting to get comments that i am starting to look skinny when wearing street clothes. I think i am fairly good with my shirt off. However this past weekend the weather at the beach wasn’t ideal for playing football or even going for a walk with out wearing a hoodie.

I am also really interested in the Indigo-3G supplement that is coming out. I’d love to be able to take this right after coming off of the V-Diet to see if I can pack on some clean pounds with out gaining any body fat. However I don’t believe it will be made available to the general T-Nation population till the middle or end of summer :frowning:


Not down any weight however i lost another half inch in my waist this week. I have also noticed I am getting way more vascular when i am at the gym and that my lifts have not gotten any lighter!

I am no longer having these odd cravings for sugary foods, soda, and white bread. So i guess while I would still love to have some of those things I am learning to live with out them. In fact today when in the grocery store I was looking at how much processed crap that every one seems to consume on a daily basis. I thought I was eating ‘fairly’ clean prior to taking this diet and now I truly understand I was only fooling myself.

While in the grocery store I was looking at clean healthy options for when I come off of the diet. I found it interesting that 6 chicken breasts are as expensive as getting a pound of expensive lunch meat. So I’ll be looking to grilling myself chicken breast on sunday nights bagging them n tossing them into the fridge. Nuke the morning and then toss them into my lunch box along with some salad and pecan nuts. Also looked at greek yogurt with some raspberries or another fruit to have during my coffee break.