Frey's v-diet log

Hey everyone…

I am posting to the V-Diet forum because I am 4 days into the diet and want to share my success so far!

This is my first post on T-Nation. I have been an active stealth reader of T-Nation for years. It’s the v-diet which has prompted me to make a profile and a public post.

I started the V-Diet at 228.4, and on day 4, I am down to 218.4. Clearly there is significant water and glycogen loss there, but it’s a motivating start none-the-less!

I am a amateur triathlete and addicted gym rat. As you can see from my picture, I am fairly lean at about 12% body fat. My goal with the v-diet is to loose some weight so that I put less stress on my joints during triathlon training.

Check out my blog at if you have any questions about what long-course traithlon training involves.

I got all my Biotest supplements ready to go, Metabolic Drive, Superfood, Surge. Plus, I got the fish oil and flax seeds. I am not doing any triathlon training during the diet, just easy morning walks and thrice weekly lifting. I am doing the diet straight by the books, as Chris Shugart wrote it.

I will be updating my blog and this website with information about my success on the V-Diet.

Day 4 of the v-diet.

I just hit my first MAJOR food craving of the diet. It’s Sunday, so I don’t have much going on. I got a craving for cauliflower like you wouldn’t believe. Am I losing my mind? Perhaps…

As a triathlete, I will train upwards of 25 hours a week, depending on what period of the season I am in. So, most of my time (outside of work) is usually spent training, eating, sleeping, and chasing girls.

On the v-diet, I’ve cut way back on my training. All I did today was hit a yoga class (this killed both the girl chasing and training for the day). I substituted the yoga for the NEPA walk.

Today, without all the tri-training, I am just sitting around watching movies. I am so used to eating or training, that I am just sitting here feeling bored and hungry.

This is part of why I am doing the v-diet - to find ways to fill my time that don’t involve training or eating. Today, it’s like I am going through withdrawl, and my body is responding by craving cauliflower like a mo-fo.

I’d take it steamed, mashed, raw with some thousand island dressing. Baked with some cheddar cheese on top. I’m glad I cleaned out the fridge before I started this because I have a feeling I could house some cauliflower if it were in there right now.

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