Fresh from Iraq: A Soldier's V-Diet Dream

Well, I’m new here. Obviously by the title I’m a soldier in the US Army; just getting back from Iraq. I just happened upon this site one day, and from the moment I started exploring the articles and discovering what this website was all about, I was completely hooked. How had I never heard of this site before. How much time have I actually wasted with other, not so fantastic sites?

Oh well, I’m here now, and am ready to reach new peaks. Everyone on T-Nation is awesome, I have yet to find a single article that haven’t agreed with/loved. I’m a T-Nation addict. Alright, enough suckling this websites magnificent balls.

I just ordered the V-Diet supps and am looking forward to hitting it hard. I’ve been training for the better part of a decade now. My own transformation story before this point is something I’m quite proud of… over a 2 year span I dropped close to 90 lbs. 285 to 200. Now, I want to slab the icing on that cake. The V-Diet is the way. Chris Shugart, you’ve made your way to my list of idol’s. Now, as I wait for my order, I’ll continue to read articles, taking what I can from the collective knowledge from obviously some of the most expert thinkers in this field. Alright, now the ball fondling is really over. Wish me luck.

Welcome home Soldier. Good luck in your endeavor.

Outstanding. I’m a Shug convert myself. You are to be commended - not only for your service to our country but for your transformation (thus far).

Ruck up soldier. If you can live in the desert, this should be a walk in the park for you.

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