Frequent Travel, Need Local Source(s) for Metabolic Drive

I plan on a longer “my Velocity Diet Journey” post later for all who are interested but for now I need some assistance.

Are there any national chains that carry Metabolic Drive, and does it come in different sizes?

Situation: I travel almost every week for work, and I do not check bags. I am sick of battling with TSA over bags of protein powder in my carry on (plus it takes up valuable space. I hope to be able to go somewhere for a 4-5 day trip and be able to buy a jug of MD that I can get through in a week.

Target as the smaller size Muscle Milk (25 scoops for $20) but Muscle Milk is lacking on every data point compared to Metabolic Drive.

Any suggestion would be welcome.


Metabolic Drive is only available at the Biotest Store here on T Nation. Two tips: 1. If you have a smaller container, just transfer what you need into it. I’ve used Power Drive containers for short trips for example. 2. Have what you need mailed to where you’re staying. Hotels are used to that and do it all the time.

Hi Chris,

I appreciate the response. Unfortunately 12 ounces of protein powder always gets me flack from well meaning TSA types.

I had considered mailing to myself and since I will only have to do that at most 4 times (if it is a travel intensive month) then the postage cost won’t be that bad.

It would be nice to have some more choices when it comes to size and points of distribution but I know that can lead to increases in costs.

Nice to know you can get it on Amazon too though!


That’s odd. I’ve never had an issue with TSA, even when I put powders in unmarked baggies. Not in 16-17 years. Maybe you look shady! :slight_smile:

Alright today is first trip on the diet (2nd day overall)…we’ll see how it goes with my baggies.


Figured it out, I talked to one of the TSA supervisors and he said that in certain circumstances powders can look like liquids to the screeners. Because I always pack the baggies tight and expel any excess air I was creating a dense medium that looked like a liquid.

Good to know!

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