Freezing Cold and Achy Head Normal?


I noticed that I’m running a constant low grade head ache and heart burn and for some reason I’m now freezing all day. (should I anticipate this being the case for the next 1.5 months

I have one HSM- everything else is shakes flame out (every shake and the one meal) and HRX (1 pill twice)

It’s only Wed, but I wanted to know if I need to saddle up and ride this out till the very end, or will it stop once my body gets used to it?

By the way, I have the heater running- so it’s not cold here. Other weird thing, is while I’m freezing cold to the touch I’m still sweating . eew.


I honestly haven’t heard of people experiencing that on the V-Diet, though sometimes lowering your calories will make you feel colder at first. There is some wiggle room built into the V-Diet, so if you feel the calories are too low, add one scoop of Metabolic Drive to the daily count. This bumps calories slightly but should still lead to fat loss. Also make sure you’re using the workout drink, Surge Recovery.

Were you previously using a lot of caffeine? Sometimes lowering it can cause withdrawal headaches for a period of time, but since HOT-ROX contains some caffeine, I don’t think that’s it.

The V-Diet also removes wheat and milk from your diet, both addictive, and dropping them can lead to withdrawal since they contain opiate-like substances. Did you consume a lot of wheat or milk before? This will fade after about a week if that’s the cause. And it’s good to get rid of those foods anyway.

Never really drank a lot of caffeine, usually amounts to 1 cup of black coffee a day.
Milk- not really. Although Cheese was a big part of my diet. I LOVE CHEESE lol .
Bread- I’ve always loved it, but I honestly cut down on it the last couple of years.

For some reason on Day 4 I noticed my vision was really blurry and my ears kept alternately whistling or getting stuffy. It was off putting but … I really want this weight off. I figure If I can deal with losing all my stuff during Sandy crashing on peoples couches and still giggle, I can deal with this discomfort too.

Oh, BTW, I realized I did not purchase any BCAA. Will not having it adversely affect my progress?

Just to chime in, the first two Velocity diets I was always burning and sweating, but now that my bodyweight and fat is a lot lower I literally seem cold waaaay more often. The weather is colder, but very unlike me, and of course with the HOT-ROX I’m sweating like crazy as usual. So the lack of calories like CS said, the HOT-ROX is probably whats causing the cold / sweats.

Dear KC,

Thanks for the input, At least I don’t feel quite as crazy. lol

You don’t need any extra BCAA. Did you purchase the V-Diet package?

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
You don’t need any extra BCAA. Did you purchase the V-Diet package? [/quote]

There is a V-Diet package?! How the heck did I miss this facepalm

Going hunting now.

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