I am curious about the general consensus on non-food foods as it relates to the V-Diet? I’m talking Walden Farms zero calorie stuff. I got some ok salad dressing from them, but they have some weird zero calorie stuff like peanut butter. I’m doing fine with real food during my HSM but I might get a flavour syrup or something to make the shakes a little more interesting. So should these fake food be avoided at all costs or used in moderation?


I think those things are fine in moderation. If they help you consume more healthy foods (like a little “fake” ranch dressing on vegetables), then that’s a good thing.

I do suggest real, high quality dairy like sour cream, heavy cream, and cheese though. (I will splurge on organic in these cases.) The franken-versions are tasteless and not satisfying. Better to get the extra calories from real cream for example than fewer calories from a bunch of odd “coffee flavoring” chemicals.