Frankdatank's V-Diet Log ReDux

Hello again!
I am here to re-do my velocity diet. I started one before in march and was on the third week, when the hsm and lack of flax seed rather futzed my progress up. Today marks the first day of a proper V-diet.

All supplies are kosher, and I shan’t half arse anything. Stats are below, and logs will follow, however the format will remain unchanged until either a hsm day or the transition period.

wake: 3 BCAA,2 HRX, 2 Tribex
Pre Nepa: 3BCAA
Pre workout days: 3BCAA
Post W.O. 2 scoop Surge
8am shake 1 (2 scoops Metabolic Drive)
12pm Shake 2
2pm 2HRX, 3BCAA only on non lifting days
3pm Mini-feast (2 scoop md, 2 fiber choice tabs, 1tbsp flax 3 Flameout)
6pm Shake 4
9pm THE FEAST (2tbsp Peanutbutter, 2scoop Metabolic Drive, 3 Flameout, 1tbsp flax)

Stats (as of 5/4/8)
Deathandle 41.0
Pectoral: 49.25
Quads 29
Calves 17.25
Arms 18.5R 18.0L
Weight 209.2
Let the games begin!

Training Day 1, Day 2 V-Diet
A1) Wide Grip Pull up
bw x3x7
Rest 30 sec
A2) Overhead Squat
95x3,3,3,3 105x3,3115x3,3
Rest 30 sec
Bw x 3,3,3 45x3,3,3,3
2 Sets of planks 60 sec.
Diet as per day 1.
Nepa walk was about 1 hour, with a breifcase. Well, so far, so fun. Energy is quite high, Fatiuge is rather low, and appitite is all but gone. Getting back into this training style is fun, Greasing the groove, so to speak. Trying not to keel over one way or ther other whilst Squating was a chalenge, and the way the Tri’s get hit pre dip… That is delicious feeling. Anywho, Planks are looking good. Bi’s were burning a little, abs shaking maybe 55 seccond mark. 10 more next week. Crushing time it looks like. About 2 hours away from the feast. Hsm this week looks like grilled chicken, and the peanutbutter at night keeps me sane. Anywho, Onward to day three! Stat updates should be regular on saturdays. No dumb stuff, no problem. LEs doit.

V-diet day 3
Shake, suppliments and nepa as usaual.
Well, Today was amazing. Waking up was again alert in 5 minutes. I slept wierd, however. The alarm clock prompted me to bop it a couple of times, yet the slightest rattling of the doorknob and I was on the floor finding some socks.

Ordered vanilla Metabolic Drive this time and it is AWWWWSome. Well that, and tastes like it should be really bad.

On a side note, feels like I’m on rocket fuel with all these healthy fats and protein. Brain’s sharpening up. At the end of this, provided I don’t screw up again, I’ll Ensure that I transition off for 2 weeks, the first being a 1 hsm a day. I’ll be almost 10% complete tomorrow so there’s no turning back. Hooah!

Wooooo! Day’s 4,5,6 and now 7!
5 and seve, diet as per normal, 4 and 6 Surge hit me post workout. Next week I’ll try having it as both a peri and post work out drink. Aaaanywho, Pictars for the end of week 1, so 16% complete.
day 4, Workout, pics, and sats incoming!



what did you weigh prior to the first attempt? how much did you loose on the first attempt?

Prior to the first attempt, 230, lost about 15 or so in 3 weeks. Had a g.i. problem, dropped under 200. Spent april getting to 210, and here today, under 200 again. Starting to feel tiny, measurements when the tape is about.

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