FractisFortis's V-Diet Log

219 lbs
Bodyfat: Unknown
Measurement at Bellybutton, Abdomen “relaxed”: 42.5"
I won’t bore you with the other measurements. The above is bad enough!

I started yesterday, so today is “Day 2.”

I really let myself go the past decade with too much carbohydrates and alchohol: mainly Tex-Mex (Enchiladas and Chips and Salsa), Pizza and Cold Beer. I came to the realization that my attempts to “eat better” or “eat cleaner” weren’t working, because I’d have two weeks of success and then put it all back on. Meanwhile, the years were ticking by and I was good for about 3-4 lbs. per year for the last decade or so.

So I finally just got sick of it all and realized I need MASSIVE nutritional changes–enter the V-Diet. I figured out if I didn’t change my fundamental relationship with the food I put in my body, no amount of dieting or exercising would work.

Tuesday night, (11/2/2010), my youngest daughter and I got out a bunch of plastic baggies and weighed and measured each and every meal (for three days worth). It took a while, but I have a good feel for what my body needs as far as protein, etc., and when it needs it. My goal is to “re-pack” my meals every the days, so all I have to do is grab a bag, blend/mix it, and eat it when I’m supposed to. No thinking, no excuses.

I did Workout #1 last night, Front Squats / Pullups / Dips (I don’t have a bench in my home gym) and Ab Roll-outs. It felt good, and I didn’t “Bonk” The post-workout blend is awesome stuff

And was the Peanut-Butter add in ever delicious in Meal #5 last night! Great call putting this in the Velocity Diet. I got some organic Valencia peanut butter with no sugar and no salt, but it is magic in my blender.

I’m attaching a collage of my “Before” Photos if I can get this thing to work.

My family thinks I’m crazy, so I look forward to learning and discussing with anyone here who’s up to talking about 28 days of V-Diet and 2 weeks of transition. Until next time–

(Partially broken, but still strong)

Very glad to have you on board! Keep us posted!

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