Fourth Time Around

So I kept putting off ordering the required supplements figuring that the wait time would be prohibitive. Turns out I ordered on Sunday and it arrived this morning.
As someone who’s ordered from outside the US, (3 times in Canada and once in Scotland) the new packaging dramatically reduced the import fees which is great.

I’ve decided to start out with the new version (daily HSM) and see how it goes. I will possibly mix in the older style (no daily HSM) if I feel that it isn’t the experience I want. I ordered more than needed for the new plan and hope to do a 3 1/2 week shortened version beginning Monday, then I’ll be away for a week at a conference (where I will do my best to eat clean), and then once I’m back I will do another version with what I have left.
I’ll post measurements on Sunday.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Glad to hear the new packaging reduces shipping costs for those outside the US!

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