Fourth Time Around


So I kept putting off ordering the required supplements figuring that the wait time would be prohibitive. Turns out I ordered on Sunday and it arrived this morning.
As someone who’s ordered from outside the US, (3 times in Canada and once in Scotland) the new packaging dramatically reduced the import fees which is great.

I’ve decided to start out with the new version (daily HSM) and see how it goes. I will possibly mix in the older style (no daily HSM) if I feel that it isn’t the experience I want. I ordered more than needed for the new plan and hope to do a 3 1/2 week shortened version beginning Monday, then I’ll be away for a week at a conference (where I will do my best to eat clean), and then once I’m back I will do another version with what I have left.
I’ll post measurements on Sunday.


I realised that this got posted in 2 different place, but I’ll stick with the log aspect here. In the 3 previous times I did the VDiet, I really didn’t keep an online log so hopefully this time I will.

Plan is to walk 1 hour everyday, do the 3 workouts and challenge. Depending on how much free time I have I will add in some additional days of targeted stuff. I plan to blend the beginner and intermediate workout plans a bit. I have issues with my right hip so bilateral squatting isn’t great (weight loss and continuing with mobility work should help) and neither are some hinge type movements, though lunge and single leg deadlift movements are good.

Will get the measurements in tomorrow and photos is I can figure that out.


OK so mid day on the second day.

Woke up day one with a cold which really didn’t help and it is currently bothering me now, though it is hard to differentiate between the VDiet feeling and being sick at the moment.
I tried to upload picture on this message and I’ll post the initial measurements when I get home since I don’t have them on me.
Workout seemed good and I was very tired yesterday. I’m playing around with the workout a bit but it was good to not feel too weak when doing it. I remember lying on the ground during previous runs on the plan, in between sets, only to get up to start the next exercise. Hoping to get back to that intensity since the last go with the VDiet wasn’t as dramatic as the first two.

VDiet 1: 260-235 (2008 January)
VDiet 2: 220-200 (2008 July)
VDiet 3: 240-225 (2013 June)
VDiet 4: 250-??? (2015 May)

It was a weird feeling having the real meal at the end of the day. Had a chicken breast, bunch of baby carrots, a tomato and some frozen vegetables. I’m not sure I ever want to be someone who nit picks and counts calories but I can certainly see the learning value in doing it. My biggest problems that got me back up in weight is a lack of regular exercise, too many crap calories/empty carbs and general portion size. I certainly enjoy healthy vegetables (the first 3 VDiets helped) and the dinner last night was not far off what I would have had otherwise, just smaller. I work with a sports team so I eat what players eat (carbs and more carbs) when we travel and work long hours most days and often do not get enough sleep. Just ended up not prioritizing my health enough. That’s what I’m starting now.


Picture number 2, sorry, no one needs to see me that up close,ever.


Last one, think I need a tan.


Ok so I’ve been very absent despite my initial enthusiasm on posting all the time.

Today is day 15, feeling pretty sluggish so I thought writing this might give me some motivation. In general this has been the easiest of the 4 VDiets I’ve done and so far it’s been pretty successful. The single meal a day was daunting at first but it has gone pretty well really (I might try the no HSM at some point for a day to see). I was doing some pretty strenuous work for most of the first 2 weeks, moving a law office buildings files, but that is done and now I’m mostly in an sit down office setting. Workouts have been good but my hip has really bothered me to a point where I’ve not been doing much daily NEPA walking. I’m worried that my progress will be effected so I’m going to try to find some alternative. I wanted to lose weight in part because I have some arthritis issues in one hip (have it in both but no symptoms in the left) but the pain following a day of standing and work coupled with the workouts was too much and the pain made it hard to sleep. I’m going to add some incidental weight training and as much NEPA as I can handle pain free and just do more pre-hab and stretching to balance things out now that I have more time.

Down an inch in many places, not going to put up the individual measurements until the end, and down 12 pounds as of my day 14 weigh in (250 to 238). Feeling good in the gym, still finding out what my actual max is on some exercise but for the most part the program is working well. I’m limited on some things so my lower body movements have just been lunges and single leg dead lifts as lower body bilateral stuff is uncomfortable.

In general, I have the same slightly bloated feeling and sugary taste in my mouth I’ve always gotten, but it’s going quite smoothly. I have another window in July to do another round and with the shipping changes (to Canada) being improved I just might. I would really like to get under 220 by September when work goes to 70 hours a week.

The big worry is that this 4 week cycle ends with a work trip to Texas where I’ll have to do my best to stick to the transition phase. Good news is the hotel will a decent gym and I can take my protein with me.

I think the things I’ve learned that are most valuable is that when eating clean I’m still taking too big portions, not eating as many vegetables as I should and adding in too many extra calories that aren’t needed. In general I need to eat smaller portion/smaller high calorie parts of a meal and more of the lower calorie vegetable options along with eating slower. I also need to eat more protein. I feel like I’m stronger and building more muscle with the consistent workouts combined with the increased protein. Will have to carve out the small amount of time needed to lift during the busy season and to continue to get in more protein and vegetables.


So week number three is done.
Down 16lbs over all (250-234lbs), 1 inch in most measurements which could be better but I am positive though nothing dramatic. I am leaving Friday for San Antonio, so my final photos and measurements will have to come then, just a few days short. I’m hoping to continue the transition phase for the 10 days I am gone (1-2 meals a day and the rest shakes with whatever workout I can do in the hotel gym). I’m going to measure and photo once I am back and hopefully I can maintain what I’ve done while travelling.