Fourth of July Temptations

Went to my moms house for fourth of July and there was so much temptation surroundng me. First no one in the family understood why me and the GF we on such an extreem diet. Second they had delicious food all over. The worst was my sister (which it was her b-day) who felt like describing the most delicious hamburger she had earlier that day.

My stomach started twisting. There was chips and desert. I looked at my GF and we both looked so depressed. No one was throwing food at us, but the didn’t need too. I am grateful to say we did not fall to temptation and left with our empty stomachs to go home and make our lovely dinner shakes.

How did everybody ele do with the fourth of July BBQ temptations? We are on day 4 and it seems to be getting harder. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I know it too me months of crappy eating to get me where I am at today. This diet is hard and it does help to se others making it through it. It gives me the motivation to press on.

Do you and your gf have V-Diet threads/posts, separately or together? If not, they help. They hold you more accountable to sticking with the diet and it is a place to rant a bit if needed. How much do you two want to lose? And how badly do you want to be successful losers? :slight_smile:

Did you have a shake just before you went to your Mom’s? That would have taken an edge of the hunger and made the “suffering” a bit less.

Tough love moment: Months or years of crappy eating have led you to a body you probably aren’t proud of and you are fat, and the worst thing is that you did it to yourself–no one forced you to make the choices that led you to being fat. Change is tough, not many people like change, even if it’s for their own good. You are going to need to dig deep to find the courage, the patience, and the discipline to see this through (why your progress thread/posts are important). Having said all of that, the diet should start to get a bit easier for you. For some it takes a few days of adjusting, for some it hits hard later on. But isn’t a month of some pain worth it to kick start your fat loss and learn to love healthy foods instead of crap? Isn’t one month of some pain worth it to kick yourself into looking better and then taking that forward to the body that you do want to have? No one said it was going to be easy, but it’s possible when you put your mind to it.

What has helped me, and may help you, is to read Chris’s The Step Construct article ( Think of each day V-Dieting as a step forwards and towards your goal.

Glad to hear you 2 made it through the day. It will get easier, at least it has for me so far. Like FGG said if you guys havent already, make a thread and just update your progress. That little bit of accountability will be just a small piece of extra motivation. I know everytime i had gotten a thought of wanting to just give up i thought to myself, no…i’m not logging in and saying I couldnt, or more accurately WOULDNT do it.

Because we all can do this, its just a matter of will we do it? I know I will, you just gotta remember your goals, think before you act and take 1 day at a time. Thats how I’m getting through it at least

I actually made it through the 4th without much temptation. My family didn’t barbeque this year…so no burgers, steaks, or chicken for me to drool over. I never pass up a peice of meat off the grill! Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with it.

However…I did have one temptation. Have you guys seen the Pasta Bread Bowls they are doing at Domino’s now? This stuff is a carb lovers wet dream! Imagine a deep dish pizza crust filled to the brim with pasta and tons of creamy sauce and cheese.

Guess who had to go pick it up when the kids got hungry at the pool???..ME! The aroma of all that bread and cheese filled up the car on the drive home…it was intoxicating…but I pulled through.

Worst part was having to watch them eat it…and know that I was about an hour away from my next shake…lol

[quote]stealth2918 wrote:

However…I did have one temptation. Have you guys seen the Pasta Bread Bowls they are doing at Domino’s now? This stuff is a carb lovers wet dream! Imagine a deep dish pizza crust filled to the brim with pasta and tons of creamy sauce and cheese.


I’m a pizza/pasta/bread guy. I’ve had those and trust me they arent very good. Its a fantastic idea and theory, but the execution is subpar to say the least. You didnt miss out on much, trust me

My wife and daughter are visiting friends in Seattle.

So, it’s just me and my son. I appealed to his geeky side, and we goofed around all day. We went mountain biking for NEPA (was his first time, so it was definitely NOT cardio), and watched geeky movies and played computer games.

He had a blast, and I stayed away from the uncomfortable conversations. Plus, I decided to make it my HSM day, and we had a good dinner.

The only huge problem I’ve had is when my son took 3 days to finish off a pizza, eating cold pizza for breakfast . . . I LOVE cold pizza for breakfast!

hang in there, it gets way easier once you get mid-way through week 2.

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