Found a Recipe Site


Good site I found for recipes.


She’s a little too enamored with agave, which is pure garbage and probably worse that sugar. But she has great almond flour recipes.


She is also obsessed with grape seed oil and arrowroot powder. You can substitute other sweeteners for the agave. Or even honey. Substitutions can be made for the grape seed oil and arrowroot powder, too. It was for the almond flour recipes that I linked it.


Another recipe site, with a good bread recipe:

Go under “recipes”, then look for “simple bread”. It is a good recipe. I added a touch of lemon juice and cream of tartar to help it rise. I also used xanthum gum instead of arrowroot powder as a thickener. It is best to use a smaller pan than 8 x 4" if you have one, even with the increased ingredients she uses it still comes out too flat for my liking. It also is a bit dry, but not too bad. But next time I’m going to add a bit of sour cream to the mixture.


There are some great recipes in the Metabolic Efficiency Training recipe book by Bob Seebohar.