Found a Diet That Worked For Us

My wife and I started the V-Diet on Jan. 12th in hopes of finally losing some fat. I wanted to help her get on a healthier track since her doctor was warning her of being a little on the overweight side.

I turned her onto this diet and she was excited to try anything. We tried to eat healthy, but failed miserably during the weekends when we hung out with family and friends.

We figured with this diet, it?s telling you exactly what to do and what to eat. I definitely think that was the missing piece. You go to the gym or do cardio and you know exactly how many reps and sets to do or how many mins. to run, but you never know exactly how to eat to lose fat and/or gain muscle. For me, aside from trying to lose my love handles, I wanted to finally learn how to keep track of my calories and macronutrient count.

Also, I started developing some bad eating habits esp. with the sweets and fried foods due to the fact that the ?I am working out, I?ll burn this off!? mentality. Plus, I was a big social drinker. Every time we went to a club or hung out with friends, I always had a drink in my hand.

I?ve got to say with this diet, we were able to conquer a lot of fears and bad habits while creating some good ones.

For me, I learned how to count calories and macros to the exact number. Also, I can look at people eating desserts and junk food without having the desire to join them.

Also, I haven?t had any alcohol since we started this diet and we?ve gone out numerous times. Best part was finally getting my wife on a workout and diet plan. She actually likes it since she?s seeing results and not getting any nasty headaches from the lower calories. The NEPA walks have been great since it gives us time to just hang out by ourselves and talk and laugh about anything.

The Transition period is awesome because it feels like the food is so different now. Healthy food is tastier than ever. My wife loves veggies now. Hahah it’s great.

My wife has lost about 10-12 lbs. She has gone done remarkably in her love handles by 2.75? and in her hips by 5?. She won?t post pics so you?ll have to take my word for it. HAhah she?s shy.

I?ve gone down 16 lbs. from 175 to 159, lost 4? from my love handles, 5? from the area between my belly button and nipple line, while increasing my numbers during weight training.

We plan on staying on the transition for the next 2 weeks with 1 HSM a day, then moving to 2 HSMs a day and see where we can go from there. We?ve still got a long way to go, but we?ll definitely be ready for summer this time around

Looks great man, and congrats to the two of you for making it through the 4 weeks, the next few with eating meals is CAKE!

just curious, how much do you lift?

Thanks Thaiclinch. Oh god I wanted to post about how the HSM feels like we’re cheating. Roasted chicken and salad never tasted so good. The taste and craving changes are for real. It’s amazing.

Here’s a screenshot of the weight I was pushing. The weight for the barbell exercises such as deadlifts reflect just one side of the weight.

edit: sorry you can’t even see the weight in the SS.
In deadlifts, I started at 155 and ended at 225. My bench presses didn’t go up too much throughout the whole thing though, but Chris mentions you’re not going to be making personal records while on this low-calorie diet.

Nice results man! It’s great that you and the wife were able to work together and make some serious progress. Very few people push themselves beyond their comfort zone, so give yourself some credit. Job well done! Keep it up.

Thanks Bruce. A good partner on this diet is priceless.

With my first week of transition to 1 HSM a day, I was still able to lose 1 lbs. and lost half an inch from my love handle area, so that’s 158 lbs. from 175 lbs. and 30.5" from 35" respectively. More importantly were the crave and taste changes.

There were really put to the test this weekend and I passed with high marks on my part. We ate out friday night, had a family party on saturday, a 50th bday at an italian restaurant sunday, and hung out with more family on prez day. I refused everything from calimari, rice, fries, burgers, cheesecake, and other desserts and fed on only veggies, salad, and grilled meats. It was great. Everyone was so surprised I had the mental toughness and even got the occasionally, “Ill you health freak” remark. Other people were giving excuses left and right to feel good about themselves to eat the bad foods.

My wife did endulge in the calamari and desserts, but confessed that if this were before the diet, she would’ve ate a ton. She felt guilty, but is back on track and ready to work out tonight =)

I couldnt see any of your lifts the text is too small.

So I finally got around to doing my BF% via bodyfat calipers and the 7-point site version. Here are the results:

In 5.1.08, I was 175 lbs. with 15% Bf = 26 lbs. fat, 149 lbs. muscle

Yesterday, I was 158 lbs. w/ 9% BF = 15 lbs. fat, 143 lbs. muscle

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