Former Athlete Needs Major Change

Hey Chris,

I’m in need of some major help man. I’m a former college baseball player who was crazy about working out and lifting when I was in college. I played at about 230-235 lbs and about 12% body fat. I’m 6’4. After my playing career, I began coaching immediately, which meant less time to work out, lots of road trip meals, lots of late night meals, and some weight gain.

When I met my wife 3 1/2 years ago, I weighed about 250. 3 years of marriage, a sales job, now a desk job, virtually no working out in over a year, though I do golf(and walk while doing so…no I don’t pretend that’s a workout, but it is exercise) and a wife who loves to bake later, I’m approx 295 lbs. I “wear it well” and most wouldn’t know that I weigh that much, but I can certainly tell in not only how I look, but also how I feel. I saw a picture of myself the other day and about threw up…anyways now that the background is out of the way:

I am 29, will be 30 in August 2013, and I want to be 230 by the time I’m 30. I have a pretty limited budget in terms of supplements, etc. But I’ve let my diet just go out of control. Pizza, Cookies, Brownies, Pastas, etc. It’s just what my family has always eaten and what my wife typically makes for dinner. She’d like to eat healthier too, but we’ve both developed bad habits. The diet wasn’t an issue when I was lifting 2x/day in college and running all the time, but its certainly caught up and its time to reverse the curse.

I know ‘clean eating’ is obviously a start, but I have this one caveat which is why I’ve come here seeking your advice: I don’t eat vegetables. I HATE them, as in I can’t choke them down (unless its cooked carrots, corn or potatoes). I honestly wish I could, but I literally can’t get em down. Assuming you’ve not just written me off already, how do you suggest I plan my diet moving forward? I’m big on just about any type of meat/protein you can think of. I like some fruit. I love bread/pasta, but I’ve given it up at length before, and could do so again fairly easily.

Once I’ve eliminated the starchy bad carbs from my diet, what should a workout program look like when it is primarily based only on protein? I’ve seen you mention no or low cardio for V-Diet users. Same principles apply here?

Last one, since I know this is a novel: Would you recommend the V-Diet for someone in my situation? Not sure I could afford ALL the supplementation to go along with it, so that may or may not cancel me out right there. I am just ready for an extreme change of direction and would like to formulate a game plan, because I feel like I’m slowly killing myself, and it’s time for me to fall back in love with the gym.

No, no V-Diet yet. Keep it in mind for the future though if you hit a plateau. Right now I’d like to see you lose 50 pounds first.

The first suggestion I have for you is to replace a couple of foods with choices that don’t cause cravings and overeating. Many foods contain exorphins that actually work as opiates, making it very hard to stay in control and choose better foods. So, first and foremost drop all foods with wheat. You don’t have to go without breads and pasta, but you need to buy the kind made of rice. You can get all these at any health food store. The second food to drop is milk. Most dairy is fine, but milk does not do a body good. You can replace it with unsweetened almond milk. It’ll take a few days to get used to (add a little Splenda or stevia to it at first to get used to the lack of sugars in it.)

In your situation, I don’t want to throw too many things at you at once. Yes, you want the weight off fast, but you also want it off forever, so dropping wheat and milk would be the first step. Note that this isn’t low-carb, just choosing smarter carbs that don’t cause problems. You can read a summary of why wheat is bad here if you’re interested in the details:

Supplement wise, I’ve seen nothing work as well as Indigo-3G. It would totally change your physiology. It’s an investment, but it’s my #1 recommended supp: Keep it in mind.

Now, I’m not really a low-carb advocate anymore, partly because I can eat clean carbs now that Indigo has fixed my issues, and partly because I want to build muscle, which is really hard without carbs. However, a paleo approach is effective for someone very overweight; I just don’t think it’s great for someone active and wanting some muscle. Still, it’ll certainly lead to fat loss. I just think the full paleo plan throws the baby out with the bathwater, labeling just about all carbs as bad.

Another idea is to simply start replacing a meal or two per day with Metabolic Drive Low Carb. This is what we use in the V-Diet, but of course it can be used as a stand-alone meal replacement. Might be good for when you’re too busy to prepare a healthy meal, like when traveling.

As for veggies, I used to hate them too. But it’s all in how you cook them. See our recipe forum for some ideas: Almost all of the problem foods you mentioned can be made healthier. Tons of recipes for pizzas and cookies in that link.

Psychologically and socially, it’s going to take some teamwork here. If you and your wife do it together you’ll have a much higher chance of success. Perhaps get her to read that link about wheat and you can both take that first step.

So, take those first steps, consider 1 or 2 supportive supplements, and keep me updated. You can reply to this thread with updates and I’ll be glad to help out. 65 pounds by August may or may not happen, but we can get you well on your way!

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