Football and the V-Diet

Hi everybody,

I just ordered all my supps and am planning to start the V-Diet as soon as they get here. The problem is that I am on my school’s football team and have to workout with them, so I won’t be able to do the official V-Diet workout program. Additionally, I have to workout at 0615 and we do alot of sprinting. I have two main questions:

1: The ebook says not to run, but I don’t really have a choice. Will it be a problem?
2: Should I do anything differently since I’m working out first thing in the AM instead of later in the day? Should I try to squeeze in a protein shake and a Plazma shake before the workout?


  1. It probably won’t be extended jogging, but rather sprinting – more like metcon – so you should be fine.

  2. If you’re weight training, have the Plazma before. If not, fit in one Metabolic Drive shake beforehand. You won’t have a productive workout fasted and could even lose muscle.

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