Foot Cramps

Hi Chris,
I’m a week and a half into my first V-Diet and I’ve started getting really intense cramps in the arches of my feet. I got my first last night, it was so strong it shocked me out of a deep sleep. Now I’ve been getting one almost hour during the day, affecting both feet. I know cramps like this are usually caused by dehydration or a deficiency in potassium or sodium. I’m getting plenty of the former, so I’m assuming it’s due to my potassium or sodium levels.

Have you heard of this happening before to people on the V-Diet? I’m thinking about adding 1/2 a banana to my breakfast shake every morning to see if this cures it for me. Do you have any other suggestions?
Thank you!

It’s not normal, but I’ve seen it once or twice. While the V-Diet is adequate in sodium and potassium, some people may naturally require a bit more. I’d rather see you add needed things as a supplement rather than a whole food, just to keep calories in check. so, if you feel you need some extra potassium, just take a tablet. And of course add what foods you need to HSMs.

The potassium supplements are finally starting to kick in, thank goodness.

Thanks for your help.


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