Foot Cramps


My wife is getting consistent foot cramps the last two days on the V-Diet. She usually has a pretty fierce salt craving (pickles, salts everything), but she’s very healthy. I’m wondering if she isn’t getting enough on the diet? I saw another post where you suggested Salted Flax seeds, but it appears my brand doesn’t have any additives.{CFD78E79-65AF-4C95-B3C0-82347E3721C9}

Short of buying a different brand, should I just add some table salt or is there a better way?


I think that was salted nut butter, not flax.

Yes, some may need extra salt on this plan: salted nut butter and salting the HSMs is usually enough, but feel free to add.


I take a tennis ball and roll my foot on it, it does help.