Foods to Avoid with Indigo-3G

I know that tea has been mentioned, as well as greens drinks such as superfood.
There was mention of foods containing act-something (can’t look it up right now).
Is there a handy list of foods to avoid posted anywhere?

You don’t really have to avoid any food when on <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G.

You don’t have to avoid eating whole fruits and veggies, but rather avoid 1) eating them at the exact same time you take Indigo-3G, and 2) eating very concentrated forms of fruits and vegetables.

In other words, if you take Indigo-3G as directed – 30 minutes before eating a meal or starting your workout nutrition – then you have nothing to worry about.

However, just in case, we do suggest you avoid “greens” supplements like Superfood, tea (coffee is fine), and maybe even red wine while on full-dose Indigo-3G. Now, if you’ve been on Indigo for an extended cycle and are now taking only a single serving per day, you could take Superfood at a time far away from your Indigo-3G dose. For example, if you train in the evening and take Indigo-3G before your workout, then it’s probably safe to take Superfood in the morning.

Finally, avoid fruit, vegetable, and berry juicing since this really concentrates the compounds (such as quercetin) that could interfere with Indigo-3G.

Okay, thanks.

Would taking DIM or calcium d glucarate have any effect on Indigo?

[quote]overdrive570 wrote:
Would taking DIM or calcium d glucarate have any effect on Indigo?[/quote]

The only things to watch out for are flavones, anthocyanidins, and anthocyanins.

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