Food Timing Before Plazma/Surge

How much time is best between last meal and peri workout nutrition? Sometimes it’s 5 hours since I’ve eaten and I’m too hungry to want to start my Plazma or Surge without eating but I want make sure I get the best absorption of nutrients. Does eating a small meal or something like a Finibar interfere with nutrient absorption or effectiveness?

That’s not a major issue because Plazma and both Surge products (Surge Recovery and Surge Workout Fuel) are designed to be workout nutrition with fast-acting protein and carbs. If your previous meal is a few hours prior to training, they still have you covered with the nutrition to fuel training.

For example, I usually have breakfast around 9:00ish and train around 3:30. Sometimes I have something light at 12 or 1, but other times I’ll just go from breakfast straight through and start Plazma a bit after 3:00, and have dinner a little after training.

[quote]Does eating a small meal or something like a Finibar interfere with nutrient absorption or effectiveness?[quote]
Solid food meals get digested differently based on what the meal is made of. Obviously the more calories in general, the longer time needed. Stuff that’s higher fat and/or higher fiber will also digest more slowly so you’d need more time.

Finibars, specifically, were actually designed to be eaten as pre-workout or even during sessions/sports matches. So they’re in a league of their own. You’d totally be good to go chewing on one as you walk into the gym to start warming up.

Thanks Chris.

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