Folsom's V-Diet Log

Sounds like your doing really well! I’m planning on ordering all my supplements next week in order to get started myself in a few weeks… so keep us posted, i’m keen to see what progress your making as your body shape looks pretty similar to mine! Good work!!

Day - 8

OK, here are the measurements. I am extremely pleased to say the least. I plan to do pictures at 2 weeks. Just too much work to do weekly and I want to see more of an impact on the pictures.

I am little iffy on some of the measurements, because it is hard to remember exactly where I measured. Plus it is hard to measure yourself. I did go conservative on the numbers and measured at the largest area I could and rounded up when it doubt.

Measurements (LBS and Inches):

Height… 6’0 6’0
Weight… 218.8 210.2 -8.60
Neck… 16.5 16.5
Shoulders… 50 49.75 -0.25
Chest - Upper… 45 44 -1.00
Chest - Lower… 41 40 -1.00
Waist - at Navel… 42.5 41.75 -0.75
Waist - at largest… 43 41 -2.00
Hips - at largest… 41.5 40.25 -1.25

I did not included my legs in the measurements because they were WAY different than the original measurements, I had to of messed up measuring the first time. My legs are extremely lean so I know there could not have been that much difference.

Almost 9 pounds in one week! I know that I will not keep that rate of losing, I will be happy losing half that each week. My goal was to get to 200 LBS this round. Looks like I am well on my way to it.

Thanks for all the support.

Disclaimer: I took my pictures and measurements on the Thursday evening BEFORE I started the V-Diet on Monday. That Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I lightly followed the diet and was doing NEPA walks. So, results may be a little enhanced since it was kinda of 10 days.

looks like your doing great!!!
keep it up

Day - 9

Well, day 9 is in the books. Another good day, but starting to have a couple of stomach issues again. Picked up fiber tabs, we will see if that helps.

Had to do my NEPA in the rain today. It was a light sprinkle, but glad I got it done. Much better than heading to the gym to walk on a treadmill!

Congrats on the weight loss and measurements! Great progress!

Day - 11

OK, on Monday evening, I was close to posting about how easy I thought this was, and how I could just do this all the time. Wow, am I glad I did not post that. I hit a wall today. I am still not hungry, but the thought of drinking a shake makes me sick right now. I am still doing it, but before I did not mind at all, now eeeek.

I think I need to experiment with adding some flavors. What are you guys doing to get a new taste?

I will stick with it though. Just some complaining I needed to do.

I am thinking Saturday night will be my biggest challenge. I will be in an environment with lots of good food, candy, and booze. I plan to drink a shake right before i get there, and only stay for a couple of hours. It will be hard, but I am looking forward to seeing my friends and family.

I hope all of you are doing well. Let’s finish this thing!

I’ve been adding allspice and cinnamon to some of my shakes, it REALLY makes a difference. Thicken it up with lots of ice and it takes just like an ice cream dessert mmm
Also you can pick up different sugar free liquid flavorings at the grocery store like almond or mint.
Stay strong and hang in there, we’re doing something that most people could never do, WE ARE WARRIORS!

Day - 13
V-Burn Challenge Update

Week 1 - 55:36

Week 2 - 43:38

Comments: I am sweaty, head to toe as I type this. Shower time.

Measurements and weight tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about the shake issues. I have been cutting mine with un-sweetened Kool-Aid. It cuts the sweet and the black cherry added to vanilla Metabolic Drive makes a GREAT shake. I too had been having issues with the sweetness of the shakes this go round. Believe me… the flavoring helps. Good luck and continued success!


Day - 14 Measurements

Not exactly excited at this weeks results. I will keep going though, I think I just hit a plateau, that I will bust through this week!

Chest - Upper…45…44…42.5…(1.25)…(2.5)
Chest - Lower…41…40…40…(0)…(1)
Waist - at Navel…42.5…41.75…41…(.75)…(1.5)
Waist - at largest…43…41…41…(0)…(2)
Hips - at largest…41.5…40.25…40…(.25)…(1.5)

I didnt hardly lose any weight this week either so dont feel bad. You’re doing great- Just keep pushing to the end!

You still lost almost an inch off your waist. Great result even on for a week you’re not excited about >_> Keep it up.

Day - 16

I had tennis lessons yesterday, which served as my NEPA. It is not too intense, so it served the purpose.

I moved my Monday work out to today. It was a great workout. It is by far my favorite. I just finished up 45 mins of NEPA as well.

I am still going strong. The shakes are getting to the point where I am dreading them. It is a habit now though, so I am making it.

Day - 18

Nothing really to add. I have not missed a shake, a NEPA, or a workout. The daily grind continues.

Great work bro, hey do you have any update pics?

Doin great! Keep on the grind!

How are you preparing the shakes? If you’re only using shaker bottles, try a blender with ice. If you’re only using a blender with ice, try shaker bottles. Adjust water ratios. Tons of ways to mix it up. For 2 scoop shakes I use dump the powder in, fill enough ice to hit the 1 cup mark, enough water to hit the 2 cup mark, and then do 5 second pulses for around 30 seconds. Mix and match flavors. And tell yourself you love them. Regardless of what you’re really thinking, say out loud, “I am so lucky to be able to enjoy this healthy, filling, and nutritious shake.”. Then down it and do it again at the next one.

Keep on keepin’ on and congrats on sticking with it!

Day 20
Beautiful day here today. I did my workout in the gym and then walked for about an hour.

Tomorrow will be a tough tough day. I have my V-Burn challenge and then going to a football game. First tailgate ever without drinking and stuffing my face.

COS, I am not doing pics until day 28 and then at week 6.

NT - Thanks! Only one more full week and then food daily. Wew.

Tirith - I have done all of the above. hahaha I am dealing with it. Just gets old 5 times a day going on 3 weeks. Thanks!

Day 21

Measurements - Down 2 pounds this week for a total of 11.2 for 3 weeks. I have a feeling it is a little better than that. Let’s just say I have not been regular for a few days. I am kicking up the fiber in take.

Waist measurement continues to go down, which is what is most important to me, as you would know if you have seen my love handles.

I still have a ways to go, but really only half way done including the transition phase.

Chest - Upper…45…44…42.5…42…(.5)…(3)
Chest - Lower…41…40…40…40…(0)…(1)
Waist - at Navel…42.5…41.75…41…40…(1)…(2.5)
Waist - at largest…43…41…41…40.5…(.5)…(2.5)
Hips - at largest…41.5…40.25…40…40…(0)…(1.5)

V-Burn Challenge Update

Week 1 - 55:36

Week 2 - 43:38

Week 3 - 41:13

I got interrupted by a phone call, so probably could have been a few minutes faster. I also got a side cramp in the middle that slowed me down.

Wew, that is tough.

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