Folsom's V-Diet Log

I am officially starting the V-Diet on Monday, October 19th, 2009. I took my measurements and pictures today. I will take some practice runs with shakes and my NEPA walks between now and Monday.

A little background. I have been working out very sporadically over the last 9 years. This means, a few weeks working out and eating clean followed by 4 or 5 weeks off sitting on my ass and binge eating. Sure, I was good for longer times here and there, and bad even longer times.

In June of this year I decided to really make a change in my life. I started eating clean and working out regularly. I was lifting 3 days a week and doing some form of cardio 3 or 4 days a week. I was seeing great results, and for once I was happy with my progress. After about 7 weeks, I hurt my shoulder lifting. Instead of modifying my workout for the injury, I totally quit and starting my extreme binge eating. My body is now in worst shape than when I started.

I am 100 percent disgusted with myself right. I cannot believe I have let myself become the person in the pics I took tonight. This is not what I picture myself looking like or what I see in the mirror. I make fun of guys that look like the guy in these pictures! I am hoping the V-diet will be a quick kick in the ass on my way to the best shape of my life.

Posting on a forum like this is so out of character for me. I read that most people who do not participate in this community fail. I do not want to fail, so here I am. I doubt I will be able to update daily, but I will do my best to keep you guys informed, and hopefully you will help keep me motivated.

Stats (Inches):
Height 6’0
Weight 218.8
Neck 16.5
Shoulders 50
Chest - Upper 45
Chest - Lower 41
Waist - at Navel 42.5
Waist - at largest 43
Hips - at largest 41.5
Upper Arm - L 14.5
Upper Arm - R 14.75
Upper Leg - L 23.5
Upper Leg - R 23.5
Lower Leg - L 15.5
Lower Leg - R 15
Ankle - L 9
Ankle - R 9

As for the pictures… Ladies, try to control yourselves. :slight_smile:


I hear you loud and clear … I had / have the exact same situation. Training then slacking off, never really getting anywhere really. Just too f…ing lazy or undisciplined.

So I do the same thing … started the V Diet on Monday.

Good luck to you !!! And well done to get yourself together now … just dont quit!!!

I wish you all the best!! And if you need a kick in the ass, just let me know … hahaha

Martin (ma_ze)

hey bro,

Looks like you are ready to make a change. Knowing what your weakness is, being inconsistent. You know what you have to do. You can do this, 28 days to a knew you man. Not too shabby eh? I think you’re going to kick some serious ass man. I am excited to see your first day and what you think or the training, and of course excited to see your results.

Keep updating, it helps.


My test run over the last couple of days have been going good. Basically following the diet plan all but a one HSM a day.

I really felt nauseous yesterday morning with my first shake. I powered thorough it though. I think I may have to stick to one HOT-ROX in the morning until I adjusted to them.

Heading out for a NEPA walk in a bit.

Day - 1

I just got done with my 1 hour of NEPA and drank “dinner”. I have to admit, that on my walk, I got really hungry and was wishing for a cheeseburger! Added some ice to my shake to try to make it seem a little more filling.

I will be doing my weight workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday this week for scheduling reasons, so I still have not had my first work out.

Been doing NEPA for about 4 days, I enjoy it, but an hour is a long time!

I intended to wake up early this morning and do my NEPA, so all I had was my workout this evening. That did not happen, I still have this headache that I have had since yesterday and feeling nausea.

I hope this goes away soon or I am in for a long month.

People are saying the headaches can be withdrawal from carbohydrates. Which makes sense, I mean especially if our bodies are used to using glycogen as it’s main fuel source. So now it’s switching mainly over to fatty acids. Which isn’t a bad thing, the headaches will subside once our bodies adapt.

Keep killin’ it bro.

Day - 2
Started feeling much better as the day went on. No headache as of now.

Did my workout. I really enjoyed it. It was tough, but I always love lifting once I get started.

I am working out at home during the week. I did the intermediate work out, modified with the dumbbell squats instead of front squats due to equipment limitations. On Saturdays I will be able to hit the gym for the deadlifts.

Just got in from 45 MINS of NEPA.

Time to “eat”.

Day - 3

Just finished my 45 min NEPA walk. Really enjoyed it today. I beautiful evening here.

I think my body is starting to adjust. No headache or nausea today. I am ready to settle down into this for the next 25 days.

I am really looking forward to my second workout of the week tomorrow.

Sounds like you’re goin strong!! Keep up the good work!!

Thank NT!

Day - 4

Great 2nd weights workout. I love how quick but tough the workouts are. I finished up with a 35 min NEPA walk.

Feeling great physically. Still hate Flax Mill.

Awesome man, isn’t it great? It really isn’t that bad at all! I think the hardest thing about the diet is the workouts! And that’s not a bad thing at all!

Day - 5

Not sure if it is the diet or the long week at work, but I crashed this afternoon when I get in from work. I guessed my body needed some rest.

Finishing up my “dinner” and then heading out for an hour of NEPA walking in the dark.

Day - 6

Went to the actual Gym today for my 3rd workout of the week. Was a good workout, felt a little weak but got a good work out in none the less.

Heading out for my NEPA soon. Going for 1 hour today.

The workouts are tough, but I’m loving them!

And I do many of my NEPA walks in the dark, so you’re not alone.

Hey bro, yeah these workouts are rough. If you feel week, it’s not just you. Just get pumped up as best you can before the workout. And go balls to the walls. But a tip, since we’re all so low in calories right now, it is a tad bit easier to get injured. So make sure you are using perfect form.

Keep kickin ass bro

Thanks for the tips and encouragement on the workouts. I am already coming off a shoulder injury, so I am be very careful around that. So for, no issues at all.

Day - 7

I just completed the V-Challenge. It was BRUTAL. Good thing there was no food in my stomach or I would have thrown it up.

I am not happy with my time, but I did not miss rep. I think I learned a lot to help bring the time some next week.

My sorry for an excuse for a time time…


Did you guys do a NEPA on challenge day? I thought I had read in the instructions that you do not, but I have read in several logs where people have.

Weight and Measurements will be done first thing in the AM.

Hey bro, nice job on the NEPA. Don’t worry about the time, it’ll get better. And honestly, I can’t understand how some of the people are completing this Challange in the times they are posting.

It seems insane, my time was close to yours as well. I think even worse, about an hour.

Atleast we have only better to do for the next one. NEPA, I dunno about when to do it, I just do it no matter what. A walk is a walk, lol.

I ended up doing the NEPA walk, because I am kind of addicted to them.

I have a confession. I did not order all of the supplements I needed, I was not sure if I would stick to it. I just placed my order to complete the challenge and enough for the transition phase. My wallet hurts, but I have to remember I am not buying food!

You can do it man, the wallet is a small inconvience that we pay for this. It is worth it!

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