Follow Me on my V-Diet Journey!

Hey guys was gonna WEIGHT until monday! But i cant I am ready to lose weight and start getting in shape, as well as, change my lifestyle! Broke my knee a year ago and gained 40 pounds!

I will be following the V-Diet to the T… with some supplement substitutions (not many though) because I am poor, but I will be doing it as closely as possible.

Stoked about losing some weight seeing some earned muscle!

Height 5’8
Weight 236
Neck 18
Shoulders 24.5
Chest - Upper 48.5
Chest - Lower 48
Waist - at Navel 43
Waist - at largest 43
Hips - at largest 42
Upper Arm - L 15.25
Upper Arm - R 15.5
Upper Leg - L 25.5
Upper Leg - R 26
Lower Leg - L 16.75
Lower Leg - R 16.5
Ankle - L 11
Ankle - R 11.5

Though I will be starting tomorrow I will be getting my body comp done Monday at UNLV. So we will have some more specific measurements!

Promise to log everyday! Keep up with me open to all questions as well!

My back!

Day 1 close to Complete!!! It wasn’t exactly a walk in the park. Had to choke down the tein at some points and my wife making tilapia and rice didn’t help, but I did it. Getting through the sensitivity of the fat burner made me a little irritable. Totally excited to have my bedtime shake though with that natty nut butter!

Tomorrow should be getting a more accurate starting weight and bf %. As well as, doing the first workout so stoked.

I am just ready to shed some pounds to make all around life easier. What would it be like to run 5 miles again? I can do 10 pull ups now so im excited to see what I can with 20 less pounds on me. I think most of all I am excited to just see muscle that I have been working on!!!

Hey - how’s it going??

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