Foggy Head/Unclear Focus After HSM

Has any found the day after they have their weekly meal, they feel a bit out of it? A little confused, lose focus on what they’re doing, odd surreal or dream-like feeling?

What does your HSM consist of? Something I didn’t include in the V-Diet plan but now recommend is to keep the HSM wheat-free, which could cause some of those issues. Otherwise, the HSM could be too big or be a littler carbier than what your body is used to, which is fine overall. It should be a bit of a “clean” refeed.

Thanks for the fast reply.

It was gluten free (chicken, brown rice, spinach), but you’re right, I did have more rice than usual.

Out of curiosity, what causes those effects?

It’s the typical “carbs makes you sleepy” or “crash” effect; it’s just that being on a lower cab diet the effect is more pronounced in some people since they’re not used to getting many. Good time for a post HSM nap! It could also be a sign that you just don’t handle carbs very well. I was the same way. After the V-Diet, look into <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G and it’ll fix you right up.

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