Flyswatter11's V-Diet Battle

And so it begins. Today is my first day on the V-Diet, and I must say it isn’t going to be easy. That said, I’m very excited to see it through.

Here are my Measurements:
Neck 15"
Shoulders 44"
Chest Upper 40"
Chest lower 41"
Waist at navel 39"
Waist at largest 43"
hips at largest 42"
both upper arms 15"
both upper legs 25.5"
Calves 16"
Ankles 10"

My first workout was a good one, for sure, so I think I’ll go lie down now.

Good luck! I agree that it’s not gunna be easy but it’s one day at a time. I started yesterday too so we are on the same page.


It’s in the bag!

This is hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done. And I’m only through the first week.

What is hard about it?

Try posting what’s on your mind and things you find good and bad. This forum is for people that are going through the same things you are experiencing to help out and give you some pointers or things that my help along the way.

Keep at it buddy… this thing works if you want it!

Think of it like this: “Only 3 more weeks to go”. Transition period will be like a reward so I don’t even count it, as hardcore diet. Don’t give up! Keep up the good work.

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