Flying with Biotest Products

I am not sure if there are similar restrictions in the US, but in the EU you are not allowed to take any liquid products that exceed 100 ml/each in your hand luggage. Of course, this means that taking BC or APC is not an option (why oh why did you set for 125 ml)- has anyone found a way around it? I contemplated transferring the contents of BC into 100 ml bottles but wouldn’t that impact its effectiveness due to oxidation?

Transferring to smaller bottles would be fine.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Transferring to smaller bottles would be fine.[/quote]

Thank you Bill.

What about oxidation? The label says consume within 24 hours, am I risking reduced efficacy if I am going away for 5 days?

I’m assuming that you’re transferring to a container which will be nearly filled; I should have said that. When the container is nearly filled, then the amount of oxygen is not a problem. You’ll have no loss of efficacy.

I was thinking about only the flying aspect, that is to say transporting it on the flight, rather than a specific number of days involved.

Not for reasons of oxidation but possible bacterial growth after opening (and therefore potentially being exposed to some bacteria) I’d refrigerate within 24 hours of the transfer.

Thank you!

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