Flourless Pizza. Finally


Good to hear, Ironwarrior25!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Good to hear, Ironwarrior25! [/quote]


Make with some new recipes… plz…


I think I have died and gone to pizza heaven!!! GOOD GOSH!!! Thank you for starting this thread and thanks to everyone for posting up pics. This looks and sounds better than regular pizza!!!

I actually just started buying bags of frozen cauliflower and making mashed potato out of them. I usually just mash them up and add grated parm cheese, black pepper, chives and a little bit of greek yougurt in place of sour cream. Really good!!

Can’t wait to try the pizza out!!


New experiment


Chicken, peppers, onion and sausage. Made the crust this time with a mix of broccoli and cauiliflower. Did the same thing, but boiled the broccoli with the cauliflower and mashed together with mixed herbs, small amount of coconut flour and a small amount of cheese to make 2 crusts. Have to say it worked fantastic. The mix of the 2 I found actually works better than the pizza crusts using just cauliflower. I wasn’t sure if the broccoli flavour would work, but i think the combination actually makes it even better.


Just made this the other day, and came out great! Just want to say thank you Chris!! You made cutting weight a hell of a lot easier!


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Just made this the other day, and came out great! Just want to say thank you Chris!! You made cutting weight a hell of a lot easier![/quote]

Great to hear!

Keep us posted!


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:

[quote]ugaMMA411 wrote:
Just made this the other day, and came out great! Just want to say thank you Chris!! You made cutting weight a hell of a lot easier![/quote]

Great to hear!

Keep us posted! [/quote]

Just want to add to the props he gave you, I fought 2 weeks ago and the week before was filled of making pizza every night and I don’t think I have had an easier weight cut to 185 yet. Thanks!


Many thanks to Chris or this recipe, and corstijeir for his advice!

Just made this tonight and turned out perfect first time. I had to use full fat cheese (low-fat isn’t even available here, unless you go for the plastic processed stuff) and beef pepperoni (pork is illegal here (Kuwait) and of the turkey products I found, turkey was one of the last ingredients given!).

I also made my own pizza sauce; I couldn’t find a single one here that didn’t have added sugar or HFCS.

Pepperoni, mushroom and black olive. Yum!!!


That looks awesome, Hunt!


Couldn’t find coconut flour =[ think that would have made it PERFECT. Very good anyway.

This one is cauliflower, quinoa flour, almond flour, cheese crust. Turkey bacon and pineapple. Very good.


All cauliflower crust with 4oz of cheese.

Fat free cheese on top, extra lean ground beef oh half, chicken on whole, turkey pepperoni.


Close up. Sorry for the excessive pictures. These are my first pizzas ever and I’m pretty proud of myself right now =P


@qirard: Holy crap those look good!


Good God. I just made my first pizza base and stacked the toppings. So delicious. Good recipe - added some coconut flour and wringed the cauliflower out as best I could. Is a tiny bit soft, but I just knife and forked it.


Hi everyone. Getting to be a pretty old thread now; good things stand the test of time as they say.

I’ve read through this entire thread plus floridagirl’s tutorial linked on page 5 and have put together, from a million different fantastic tips from everyone involved, a method that should deliver the best result. Note that I haven’t actually tried this yet due to not having some of the equipment needed, so if anyone else gives it a shot post your results. This method has a few extra steps due to being a combination of many of the individual methods people have reported using, but I predict that this will give a super-traditional authentic Italian-style crispy pizza that holds together. If you read something in here that you think was your original tip, it probably was; you can take the credit.


head of cauliflower (or pre-bagged frozen if that’s your thing)
50/50 combination of 4oz/1.5 cups grated mozzarella & parmesan (can be only mozzarella, but parmesan being a drier cheese will make for a sturdier crust)
1 whole egg
2-3 egg whites
2 tbsp coconut flour/flax meal
optionals: dried oregano & basil, shredded basil & oregano leaves, garlic powder


  1. Boil the cauliflower. If you have a whole head of cauliflower keep it intact so you can just drop it in and pull it out when done with some tongs, rather than having to strain it to catch the individual pieces.
  2. Run the cauliflower through a ricer.
  3. Now spin the cauliflower through a salad spinner. Do it until you don’t have anymore moisture coming out.
  4. optional - if your still dealing with excess moisture, lie a tea towel out on the bench, stack a bunch of paper towels on top. Put the cauliflower on the paper towels. Place a bunch more paper towels on top, fold the dish towel over itself and squeeze out excess moisture.
  5. Combine cauliflower, cheese, egg content, coconut/flax, plus optionals in a bowl and work into a “dough” ball.
  6. Have a preheated cast iron skillet raring to go, greased very well. Plop dough ball into centre and work quickly but carefully with damp hands (shake off excess water), radially pressing the dough from centre outwards to create a thin crust.
  7. Allow to cook for needed amount of time so that a solid base starts forming.
  8. Have a perforated pizza plan already brought to heat in a preheated oven. With an egg flip in each hand (or just one if base is relatively small), slide between the base and skillet and transfer base to preheated pan. If you have concerns about the base getting stuck to the pizza pan during cooking, either grease it very well or use parchment paper, although I think parchment paper would defeat the whole purpose of using the perforated pan.
  9. Cook for alloted time
  10. 2/3rds of the way through cooking time, using egg flips again if needed, remove base from pan and place directly onto oven racks. Cook for remaining 1/3rd.
  11. Add toppings, cook for needed amount of time.

Topping suggestions
Your choice of: meat, chicken, bacon, pepperoni, canned fish, olives, avocado, cheese, capsicum, mushroom, spinach, red onion, tomatoes, asparagus, jalapeno, sauteed garlic, cilantro, parsley, sauce, herbs & spices, salt & pepper

Be selective in the cheese used for your topping… some forms of mozerella will bleed out a lot of moisture. Avoid going overboard on tomatoes on top of the pizza for the same reason. The good thing about having the cast iron skillet, after you’ve fried your base and transferred it to the oven you can use it to saute your toppings before adding them onto the base and cooking in the oven - much better taste. If you want to go for a Chicago-style deeper base I see no reason why that shouldn’t work - perhaps flip the base during the skillet part and cook both sides. Having someone around to hold the pan inverted so you don’t have to actually “flip” the base would be a safe option.


Haha, Pizza has been my biggest craving since starting the V-Diet 11 days ago!!


Tried this just now for my 3rd HSM of the velocity diet. I halved the original recipe and still got super full after the second slice. This recipe is going to be killer for those pizza cravings.

I ended up having to eat mine straight off the pan with a fork because I ran into issues with it being a bit soggy (felt more like lasagna than anything), but I’m confident next time I’ll be able to get it right. I’m definitely going to invest in a food processor and a ricer to get the cauliflower super fine and drained of the most water possible. I also found out the dough to be a bit too “cheesy” for my tastes - if you’re going to throw mozzarella on top, I think the amount of mozzarella and parmesan in the dough is a bit of an overkill. Will maybe try less cheese with an additional egg and some almond/coconut flour instead.

Pic attached - used 4 links of Chicken Sausage, so each slice was about 13g of protein.


Look great! A little coconut flour can help tighten the crust. Tablespoon or two.


For everyone that has a thermomix, it works well in chopping up the cauliflower.