Flop Hat's 2017 V-Diet Run

Hi everyone, I figured I should post my log tracking my penance for years of gluttony. I’ve been a member of T Nation for a long time. For the last several years I’ve grown fatter and more lazy as a spent more and more time raising kids and training for a new career. Anyway I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago and realized I was at my heaviest weight ever… but not at my strongest or most muscular. I have a crazy work schedule, so my plan is 28 days of V-Diet followed by 28 days of IF. I will repeat if necessary. My goal is to lose 20lbs or so.

Stats: 235lbs 17 inch neck, 17.5 inch arms, 18 inch calves. I took before photos which I will post if I can Photoshop identifying info out of.

If I could get to 18" arms and calves at 200-215 lbs that would be great. Right now, normal cardio and outdoor activities are a little difficult due to my rapidly enlarging gut.

I am not making many modifications to the planned diet, but like any good hardheaded T Nationer I am making a few.

  1. I’m doing 5/3/1 with body weight assistance work three times a week for the workout plus the V-Challenge and NEPA
  2. I’m adding some coconut oil caps (about 30 calories worth) to my morning shake.
  3. I’m using some low/no calorie left over “superfood shake mix” and greens supplements along with my Biotest Superfood.
  4. I’m using a 1/2 dose of Plazma all this week and on the V-Challenge to give me some extra to play with at the end when I think it will count more.

I’ll do weekly updates barring my untimely death or an epic episode of binge eating followed by too much shame to recover from.

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