Flexrx's V-Diet Log---Start Diet 2/27

I’ve got a couple reasons for starting this program: as a former fitness competitor, I’ve got enough “muscle sense” to dislike what my poor dietary habits that I’ve slipped into are doing to my 44 year old body! A couple goals that I’ve established going into this are: a)the taste/craving changes that I’m already starting to experience, b)making final preparations for a 4-day exercise trip in April, c)spending the second half of my life becoming the “figure athlete” that I know I am!!!

I’m currently studying for a group fitness instructor certification through AFAA with an eye down the road to becoming an RKC(a kettlebell training certification)instructor. Anyway, my start date was Friday, Feb. 27, so I’m on day 3 with no problems.

Here’s my stats:
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 150.6
Shoulders-(I assume this is from shoulder to shoulder)-41"
Chest(upper)-35 1/4"
Chest(lower, across bust)-37 1/2"
Waist(at navel)-34 1/4" (ick)
Waist(at largest)-36"
Upper arm-L-12"
Upper arm-R-11 1/2"
Upper leg-L-22 1/2"
Upper leg-R-21"
Lower leg-L-14 1/2"
Lower leg-R-14"
Ankle-L-8 1/4"
Ankle-R-8 1/2"

Sure don’t like to see those figures, but from here on out, they’re going down! I’ve taken pics with my cell phone, but just not ready to post them right now! I currently work out 6 days/week, so I’ll alternate weights, with the V-burn challenge and NEPA.

Currently the HOT-ROX is problematic, I DO NOT handle thermogenics well, I took 1 cap Friday, 1 cap at 7am and 1pm yesterday and slept hardly at all! This was with taking 12.5mg Benadryl before bed!!! I took 2 at the same time this AM, with 25mg Benadryl and 3 mg Melatonin before bed tonight!

I also ordered some ZMA, I previously took it before and had good results. I’ll be checking in here often, but if you don’t see me daily, it’s because I also help with moderating another exercise board elsewhere on the 'Net!

Finishing day 3 with 100% adherence–looking forward to that peanut butter in my last shake tonight!!!

Hey Flexrx - it’s great to see another “fitness chic” on here :slight_smile:

Regarding your sleep issues - I found that ZMA helped me tremendously as well. I used to take others that never really affected my sleep, however I was suprised to find that the HOT-ROX did. I took this as a good sign that my body was responding more to it. . .but I did back down to 1 pill 2x per day for the first week.

Once I got my ZMA in (week 2), I started taking 2 pills in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon, and then increased it to 4 a day about halfway through week 2 and was fine.

Good luck w/ your V-Diet, and I can’t wait to see your progress :slight_smile:

(Isn’t that PB just HEAVNELY!!!)

Flexr, glad to have you join the party. I enjoy KB’s, & was thinking about RKC as well. I’m just 1 day ahead of you so stop by my thread to encourage / kick ass as necessary.

I’m pretty sure I will go on a “hard style” KB workout at the end of my six weeks here.

Christie—thanks for the kind words! I joined originally over at Figure Athlete—but it just seems more hardcore here!!! I anticipate being able to work up to the max dose of HOT-ROX. While I’m waiting on the ZMA, yea to Benadryl and Melatonin!! I’m excited by your results—I was hoping for half of that-maybe I should think bigger!!! Flexrx

Diver—I appreciate a fellow KB nut-I was turned on to them last fall and quite frankly, I’m hooked! I’ll stop by your log and say hey!!! Talk soon! Flexrx

Day 4 is done! Still having the sleeping issues, but had a nap when I got home and was able to complete NEPA afterwards. The taste of the shakes is really starting to get to me, but suck it up, right? I’m really craving grilled chicken and asparagus, so that will be my first HSM on Friday! Onward to day 5!!!

Try some melatonin it really helpd me with sleeping.

Why to all the men choose beef & the women fish & chicken for HSM? I really like fish & chicken but my first HSM will be lamb chops or a nice bloody steak!

Flexrx how are you doing? Sleeping is hard for me to I was going to try ZMA. Then maybe Melatonin that diver is talking about. Don’t even think about the shakes when you drink them and try to make them thinner if your not craving it helps get them down. Good Luck

[quote]diverdog wrote:
Try some melatonin it really helpd me with sleeping.

Why to all the men choose beef & the women fish & chicken for HSM? I really like fish & chicken but my first HSM will be lamb chops or a nice bloody steak! [/quote]

LOL - for some reason I was craving the hell out of fish for my first HSM (which was weird b/c I’ve never really craved fish before!) and it was like HEAVEN on day seven, but for the second one I was like “screw the fish . . I want some bloody red meat!”

And yes, it was the best medium rare steak of my life. I grilled it myself just to make sure that it wasn’t overcooked. . . my hubby eats his steaks Well or Medium Well, and has a tendency to overdo mine!

Diver-believe me, I’ve taken Melatonin 3mg EVERY NIGHT since starting this PLUS Benadryl either 12.5 or 25mg—patiently waiting on my ZMA!!! And I LOL about guys craving beef!! I never have cared for steak, no moral issues here toward beef, just don’t care for it!!! I’m gettingthatmuch closer to that grilled chicken—I even bought a fantastic all-natural wasabi-teriyaki marinade (low-sugar)to marinade it in!!!

Mmmmmmm… and Shawn, thanks, today has been better as far as sucking down those shakes–I’m doing an EXCELLENT job of NOT thinking about them—LOL!!! Also, I FINALLY slept last night the whole night through-10 1/2 hours worth!!!

Well, day 5 is DOWN!!! 100% compliance with diet/workouts! Hubby started this with me yesterday and lasted…precisely 9 shakes! So it’s just me again!!! I was craving pizza like mad at work tonight, but I think it was just the co-worker I was working with–that’s ALL she eats!!! I really think I’m already seeing a difference in my core—that is where I hold every bit of my fat, so I’m excited!

OK, from what I’m reading, day 6 is the toughest, is that true? Because I am DYING today!!! I’ve been craving everything today!! Help!!!

I’m not craving anything, but I have the dreaded dragon-ass. I’m really wupped tonight

Diver–my energy seems to be pretty decent. I’m taking a rest day tomorrow, tho just to be on the safe side. Get some rest!!!

The ZMA + melatonin has been working great for me. Just need to cut down on the amount of qater I’m drinking at night! lol

Christie - Soooo glad to call you a fellow Texan!! You dominated this V-Diet, look amazing, are an avid supporter for the rest of us, and you eat your steak medium rare. Could there be a more perfect combination of attributes? =)

OK, the ZMA didn’t do much for me last night, but at least my ass is not draggin today!! Today has been right on track—looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow and more importantly, that HSM!!!

nice. enjoy it flex

Oh, don’t worry—I’ve talked about it all week, but it’s gonna be grilled chicken, asparagus and new red potatoes!!!

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