Flaxseed and Nuts Butter

Hi Chris!

So far on day 9 of my diet and all good.
I just wanted to be sure i got the flaxseed and nuts butter part right.

How many grams should one serving of flaxseed is?
I can’t remember seeing it anywhere… sorry if i missed it.

For nuts butter, the site says 210 calories for my diet plan, so i assume
I just have to eat about 33g. Does that sound about right ? (i calculated), just want to make
sure i don’t mess up.
I received it all this week before i went on business trip.

Thanks a lot, and i am seeing amazing results in 9 days already!

A typical serving of milled flax is two tablespoons. You can cut that in half if ever becomes bothersome.

Most nut butters are about 210 calories for two tablespoons. This may vary a little based on the kind you use, but that’s the ballpark.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
I love flaxseed, i only had one shake with it so far, but it changes the taste in a good way :slight_smile:
Am i weird?



I love snails and frogs… I guess that explains a lot :wink:

I have one question though, i have two shakes with one serving of flaxseed, so that’s 4 tablespoon total.
Is it ok to put flaxseed, one table spoon per shakes, except for the bed time shake, which has nut butter ?
That remains 2 servings a day.
I just try to change the taste of the shakes, as i was stupid to order 11 bottles of the same taste :slight_smile:

Sure, that’s fine.

You can add some non-caloric flavoring if you’d like, though they may make the shakes very sweet. Da Vinci sugar-free syrups are good, as are our <a href=""target=“new”>Intensified Flavors.

Thanks :slight_smile:
Yes i will receive intensified Flavors as well as 3 bottles of MD with different tastes on Monday.
I figured that they will help covering phase 2, and will add some variety to the taste.
I prefer to ask “stupid” questions, just to make sure i don’t ruin the diet.

I understand most people would never get the guts to do it.
I will finish it and do transition, no matter what

Hey infected! Love flax seed, huh. That is a first. What kind are you using? The one I tried made my shake grainy, like I had to chew it. It was pure nastiness. I am sure there are finer (less grainy) blends out there. Did you finish the diet? How is transition going?


I finished the diet yes, you can read my entry in the diet logs if you like.
For the flaxseed, i ordered them on myprotein in UK.
I think i loved flaxseed because i got sick of the chocolate MD taste and it made it taste a bit more like choco/nuts.
I didn’t have to chew anything and i didn’t even blend

My all time favorite is Banana.
Next time i do a vdiet, i will use Banana only, this one i can’t get tired of it, it is not a diet, it’s a pleasure to drink :slight_smile:

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