Flax Seed Options?

Please, I don’t want to gag,
My understanding is the Flax seed is to keep your bowel movements working.
Is metamucil an option with the V-Diet?
Some one just suggested but I looked at the nutrition content and it has 9gr of sugar and 12g of carbs,



The flax also provides some good fats as well as fiber.

Based on your other post, the V-Diet is probably not right for you. Lots of diet and training articles here at TNation to help you out though, and plenty of other simpler supplement options.

Quick suggestion to go along with what I wrote in your other post:

Get some Metabolic Drive Low Carb, the same shake used in the V-Diet. Replace a couple of meals per day with it, no need to add flax or anything. See how that goes, along with dropping wheat, juice, and milk from your diet. That may be all you need!

Here’s the link:

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