Flax Controversy

I searched the forums for flaxseed and after reading many posts, there seems to be controversy over benefits vs. detriments of flax.

I’d rather just take something else. If the flax is for fibre, epa and dha then I’d like your thoughts if I substituted with these two products.


I know Chris(i believe) is hell bent on NOT changing a thing but since the flaxseed is something that we have to go find and manufacturers don’t all have the same processing (which could lead to unknown contaminants) I’d rather stick to somthing I know that provides the same or better.

please be nice… i’m fragile.

I’m curious as well, because I’m almost questioning whether I’m allergic to the flax or something.

I am allergic to a lot of things, so it wouldn’t surprise me. The reason I’m paying more attention is that the shakes with the flax are much harder for me. My throat constricts in a similar manner to when I eat fruits I’m allergic to, etc.

Anyone have any input?

Best to use what errico suggests, or just more fiber choice tablets, or does something like this mean I shouldn’t be messing with the diet (that would suck now that I’ve bought all this product).

I’ll post this in my tracking thread as well.


try some flax oatmeal:

2 tbsp flax meal
some cinnamon
1/2 packet of splenda, stevia, or whatever
1/4 cup boiling water
1 tbsp natty peanut butter

simply mix the flax, cinnamon, and 0-calorie sweetener in a bowl.
nuke the water in a microwave till boiling.
pour it in the bowl, then mix in the PB really well.

i have no idea if it’s “legal” on the V0Diet, but to me, it’s a lot better than the flax+shake combo. i made two servings and downed 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive for breakfast, but two servings may be too much fiber at once for some people…
the only downside is that you use up the PB for your shake at the end of the day :confused:
i tried using a scoop of MD instead of the PB, but it didn’t taste nearly as good…

the problem with flax is thatm ost of the time, its already rancid by the time it gets to the store.

flax has a very small half-life and is very fat/dairy soluble. a lot of people mix it in with yogurt.

IF you are going to get flax, either get the whole seed and grind it up in a coffee grinder, or get flax oil from somewhere liek vitamin shoppe where it is usually refrigerated, and keep it air sealed and always cold.

I get my flax from Sprouts, a health food supermarket. It’s vacuum sealed, milled, but nothing really prepares you for how horrible it tastes.

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