Flavor Additives?

So I have been doing the diet as prescribed for 5 days now… no added flavors or anything. Now that I’m going deeper in other diet logs and forums, I’m seeing more about adding flavors to the diet. What are your suggestions for natural (aka stuff I don’t need to wait for FedEx to deliver so I can mix up the flavors)?

I ordered far too much chocolate Metabolic Drive, and have some vanilla Metabolic Drive. Waiting for Strawberry and Banana to get back in stock so I can get those to add to the mix.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

As long as it doesn’t add calories, adding flavoring is fine if you’d like. Spices work very well, cinnamon, nutmeg etc. Also, baking extracts are good, and Da Vinci sugar-free coffee syrups are fine, though they tend to make the shakes very sweet.

Caffeine-free instant coffee in chocolate Metabolic Drive is delicious.

Thank you!

I bought some banana extract and peppermint extract at Whole Foods. They make a huge difference, adding some flavor and cutting some of the sweetness. They do contain small amount of sunflower oil in the base but it seems to be a very small amount and it only takes a couple of drops.

Sounds fine, faseman. I like peppermint drops in vanilla Metabolic Drive myself.

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